A Step-by-Step Planning Guide for Your Room Addition

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Adding square footage to your home is a fulfilling project that can substantially enhance the value of your property in Oklahoma City. Yet this process is often overwhelming since it requires creative design ideas, determining a budget, and finding professionals who specialize in room additions.

So, what can you do to prep for a major home renovation? Keep on reading if you’re interested to learn more about proven methods that will help you conquer your next project with ease.

How do I prepare my house for an addition?

room additions Oklahoma city

Even though the construction mantra says that executives dream to finish a project within a given timeline and budget, the key element to achieving this goal is to be organized. 

To make your home improvement project a success, make sure you put the following advice to use:

Step #1: Define your remodeling needs

You feel cramped and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to move around? Or perhaps you’d like to boost your storage capacity? Defining your remodeling requirements well in advance is essential to achieving desired results.

Step #2: Establish a realistic budget

If you don’t know the cost of an upcoming project, a little research is a vital step before contacting a builder. Get a sense of what you’re trying to achieve from the project, and think about the features you’d love to incorporate into your new bathroom or cooking area. A realistic budget will help you avoid overspending and keep your expenses in check.

Step #3: Get your family ready 

Even minor repairs can affect your daily routine, let alone rearranging the existing floor plan. This is why looking for alternative housing options over the course of the project is always a smart idea. It might be best to stay with friends or relatives, and if you’re working with seasoned contractors, you might even be able to go on vacation.

Step #4: Think of your kids and pets 

However, if you decide to stay, make sure you have a thorough plan on how to do it safely, especially when it comes to kids and pets. Remember to designate a play area for children and a separate entrance for workers, so their tools don’t get into non-work areas.

Step #5: Store fragile belongings from the work site

Whether you are renovating a bathroom, updating a kitchen, or expanding your home, safeguarding your valuable possessions and storing them offsite during the remodel is crucial. Despite a remodeling team’s best efforts, there’s a lot that can get damaged or misplaced during a project. Make sure to sort out your most delicate belongings before the work begins.

Step #6: Anticipate setbacks

Major renovations rarely go according to plan. They come with additional repair costs, and delays, and impede your daily activities. Yet, knowing how to handle them will save you a lot of trouble. For example, adding an entire second floor is a complex project, and having a general understanding of the process might make it easier.

Though no one can prepare you for what’s to come, the sooner you bring in experienced contractors on site, the faster you’ll know what to expect and build the home you’ve always wanted.

Where in Oklahoma City can I find dependable room addition experts?

Where in Oklahoma City can I find dependable room addition experts

Ten Key Home & Kitchen Remodels is a locally-operated business with years of experience in the field, committed to bringing your vision to life. We’ve been providing local residents with a range of custom home remodeling services, to make your home in Downtown Oklahoma City and surrounding areas more comfortable, functional, and enjoyable. Whether you want to add a second story above the garage or convert your attic into an upscale home office, we’ll take your style and requirements into account, create a personalized plan, obtain necessary permits, and complete all construction work on schedule.

Contact us today and reap all benefits of professional home expansion

5 Major Reasons to Consider a Room Addition

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Adding a room to your home can be one of the most rewarding projects you’ll ever undertake. In fact, recent studies reveal they’re among the top trending home improvement projects.

Whether you want to add flair to your space or you’d like to make it more functional, there are reputable room addition contractors that can assist you in making the right choice for your home in the OKC area. In the following article, you’ll find out the five main advantages of adding a room to your house. Let’s dive right in!

Is it worth it to add an addition?

Here are 5 compelling reasons why adding a new room to your home might be just the perfect solution for you:

room addition contractors okc

1. Expanding the square footage

One of the main reasons homeowners expand their homes is to make their living space more comfortable. Perhaps you’re starting a family, or you feel like you need more privacy. Whatever the case, an additional room will turn a crowded home into just the right size

2. Increased home value 

A carefully planned room addition is one of those home improvements that can add significant value and have a profound impact on your quality of life. For instance, bumping out your kitchen space or getting an extra bathroom demonstrates a well-maintained property and attracts prospective buyers. 

If you’re working with a reputable design-build contractor, you’ll have access to top interior designers and architects who know how to create a space that reflects your vision and meets your objectives.

3. Improved functionality and comfort

It’s no surprise that interior design contributes directly to your well-being. Adding square footage can make all the difference in the look and feel of the home. When planning an addition, many people think about the aesthetic changes they want to make. However, an upgrade can also make your home feel more functional and accommodating.

4. Eliminating moving hassles

According to recent surveys, 76% of Americans would rather upgrade their current home than invest in a new one. The reason behind this is simple. You may have chosen your house for various reasons – its location, nearby schools, favorite stores – and you’re not willing to let go of any of it. However, you’ll need to add a little elbow room or adjust the configuration to make it suitable again to suit your lifestyle again. 

Whether you decide to embark on a second-story addition project, extra dining room, or something else entirely, adding on to the existing structure of your home will be a less time-consuming and considerably less expensive option.

5. Adapting vision to your preferences 

Building a custom dream home is an exciting opportunity to fit your home to your preferences, specifications, and needs. Your contractor will work with you to develop plans tailored to your goals and tastes so that you can choose everything from layout and style to paint colors and materials.

No matter if you’re seeking long-lasting construction or high-end luxury design, a skilled team will know how to deliver a home you’ve always wanted.

Where can I find expert room additions contractors in Oklahoma?

Where can I find expert room additions contractors in Oklahoma

Looking to add a guest room or a room for your new hobby? Or perhaps you need expert advice on building an addition to a garage? Ten Key Home & Kitchen Remodels offers a range of specialized remodeling services in Bricktown and other areas of Oklahoma City. 

Our seasoned team is up to any challenge. You can rely on our streamlined approach, experienced project management, innovative design, and top-quality construction. This means we’ll take care of all stages of the project with utter professionalism, so you can concentrate on other things.

Give us a call today and let us know how we can help!

Top Kitchen Design Mistakes to Avoid

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Kitchen remodeling is one of the most rewarding home improvement projects you could do. Not only will it improve your overall satisfaction with your home, but it’ll also make a big impact on its value in case you decide to sell. However, you’ll only reap all the benefits of a quality kitchen remodel in Northern OKC if you avoid the common design mistakes homeowners make

Learn how to make the right design choices and prevent costly and time-consuming repairs further down the line. If you know what to watch out for from the get-go, you’ll have a better chance of getting the result you want.

What should you not forget when designing a kitchen?

Designing a kitchen is an exciting venture and many people get so caught up in the aesthetic side of things that they ignore the functional aspects. Here are a few things that may slip your mind, but shouldn’t:

What should you not do when designing a kitchen
  • Considering the distance between the cooktop and the wall: If you don’t leave at least an inch or two between the wall and your cooktop, you won’t be able to use cookware with longer handles and you may have a harder time opening lids and cooking in general.
  • Measuring door clearance: Similarly, if you don’t make sure that there’s enough room for the drawers and doors to open fully, you’ll have difficulty getting things out of your cabinets.
  • Not making room for the trash can: While it’s not the most glamorous design aspect to think about, the trash can is a necessary kitchen staple. If you don’t want to bend down every time you need to dispose of something, you can select modern built-in pull-out mechanisms that make everything a lot easier.

What should you not do when designing a kitchen?

Many people make these blunders and come to regret them later on:

Who can perform a stunning kitchen remodel in Northern OKC
  • Ignoring the corners: Corners can be a kitchen’s untapped potential. With modern storage systems, they can be used effectively. Your designers can help you find the most suitable solution for your needs.
  • Disregarding lighting: Lighting plays a huge role in the overall success of your kitchen design. Your countertops should be brightly lit so you can see clearly when you chop and mix ingredients. The rest of the kitchen can be more softly lit depending on your style.
  • Underestimating your storage needs: You may want to sacrifice storage space for something like a bare wall with a trendy decor piece, but this rarely works. Instead, work with your designer to maximize storage while integrating it with the aesthetics you like.
  • Not using vertical space: You need to use every single area available, especially if your kitchen is on the smaller side. Make sure your cabinets reach the ceiling and consider different shelving options to make the most out of the space at your disposal.
  • Going for trends at all costs: Wanting to have the latest trends in your remodeled space is perfectly understandable. However, insisting on certain things just because they’re trending at the moment can produce an underwhelming result. For example, although kitchen islands have been reigning supreme for a while, if the configuration and size of your space don’t allow for it, it’s better to pick a different, more practical solution.

Who can perform a stunning kitchen remodel in Northern OKC?

Ten Key Home & Kitchen Remodels performs stylish and functional kitchen remodeling throughout Northern OKC and the nearby areas. We’ll help you decide on the best color scheme for your new space and figure out the most practical layout for your kitchen. You can visit the Museum of Osteology or another local attraction while we’re handling all the details of your project. Schedule your consultation to learn more!

Determining the Color Scheme for Your Kitchen: How to Do It Right

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Though it may not have as much of a practical value as the appliances or fixtures, your kitchen’s color scheme truly matters. Few design elements can have such a profound effect on the end result of your kitchen remodel in Northern OKC. Color deeply affects your mood and brings other aspects of interior design into focus. It plays a crucial role in bringing your original vision to life.

Read on to find out how to choose the right color combination for your kitchen. You’ll learn what colors go great together and how to match your cabinets to your tiles. With these expert tips, you’ll find the sweet spot between playing it safe and going all out. 

How do I choose a color scheme for my kitchen?

Color can make a world of difference. If done right, it can accentuate the best things about the overall design and create a uniquely beautiful atmosphere. If you don’t pay much attention to it, your space may end up looking dull or over-the-top. Here are a few tips to try:

What colors go together in a kitchen
  • Consider the colors that pertain to your favorite style: Certain styles go hand in hand with certain color palettes. For example, minimalist kitchens are usually monochromatic and neutral. On the other hand, mid-century modern kitchens feature lively pastels. Think about how color plays into your preferred style.
  • Pick the cabinets carefully: Since they’ll take up the biggest portion of your kitchen and cost the most, the choice of cabinets is one of your most important design decisions. Make sure that you love how the shades of the fronts, countertops, and hardware go together. This combination will set the tone for the rest of the kitchen.
  • Match appliances to the cabinets: With the color of your cabinets being the dominant one, your appliances will have to follow. You may want them to pop in a contrasting shade or you might opt for a uniform look. Matching them to the fixtures and hardware is a good idea too. For example, a stainless steel sink and faucet will go great with a cooktop made from the same material.
  • Think of the flooring and walls: Most popular wall colors are neutrals, like off-white and light gray. However, you could also make a bolder choice as long as it doesn’t clash with your cabinets. Your floor and wall tiles have to coordinate with the other elements as well as each other. Some homeowners use the backsplash as the focal point and make it particularly vibrant and eye-catching. Others use similar tiles for both the floor and walls to create cohesion.

What colors go together in a kitchen?

Some popular color schemes that are in style right now are:

Should flooring be lighter or darker than cabinets
  • Navy and gold: In case you want your space to look regal and make a big impression, go for a mix of deep blue and shiny gold.
  • Black and white: This is a timeless classic that never fails. It offers striking contrast and makes the space feel dynamic and sophisticated.
  • White and pink: This is a dreamy, tender mix with an airy feel to it. If you like gentle, weightless interiors, this may be the thing for you.
  • Smoky green and brass: If you’d like your kitchen to feel fresh and cool, this subdued mix will definitely do the trick.

Should flooring be lighter or darker than cabinets?

There are no hard and fast rules here. It’s all about what looks best in your particular situation. As long as you listen to your gut feeling and work with competent designers, you’ll avoid typical kitchen design mistakes and get the solution you want.

How to find the best partners for my upcoming kitchen remodel in Northern OKC?

Here at Ten Key Home & Kitchen Remodels, you’ll meet a qualified team of designers and builders who’ll carry out your project with speed and precision. We can enhance the value and functionality of your small kitchen and help you arrive at the best kitchen layout. With our innovative mindset and quality workmanship, we’ll successfully transform your home near the Oklahoma Museum of Art or elsewhere in the area. Give us a call!

Your Guide to Designing a Kitchen Layout

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A kitchen that allows you to work efficiently and have a good time is the dream of many homeowners. It’s no surprise: after all, we use it several times a day and often for hours at a time. A streamlined, well-thought out kitchen layout is vital because your routine will become easier if you don’t waste time searching for the items you need.

To create the perfect layout as part of your Northern OKC kitchen remodel, read on. You’ll find out the basics of the kitchen triangle rule and how to apply it in your space. You’ll also learn what the most common kitchen layouts look like and how to tell which one suits you best.

What are the 4 basic kitchen plan layouts?

Most kitchen designs fall under these four categories:

What are the 4 basic kitchen plan layouts?
  • Galley layouts are narrow and long, with cabinets facing each other. They’re typically used in smaller spaces where room is limited. They work best for compact kitchens and they’re not ideal for homeowners that want their kitchen to be the main focal point of their home. 
  • L-shaped layouts are best for medium-sized spaces where two adjoining walls are available for cabinet installation. They can be combined with an island in the center of your kitchen, which can be a useful addition of workbench space. 
  • U-shaped layouts are typically found in large kitchens with cabinets taking up three adjacent walls. They provide the homeowner with plenty of functional work areas and cabinet space. 
  • Open plans are ideal for people who want the kitchen to be the center of attention in their home. They offer an unrestricted flow between the kitchen and living space, which is perfect if you love cooking and entertaining guests at the same time.

What is the kitchen triangle rule?

The concept of the kitchen triangle means that the stove, refrigerator, and sink should form a triangle and each leg of the triangle should be four to nine feet long. This rule came to dominate the principles of kitchen design in the 20th century and it still holds true today. It allows for a streamlined traffic flow and makes cooking easier.

How do I determine my kitchen layout?

How do I determine my kitchen layout?

No two households are the same and what works for someone else may not work for you. Here are a few things to bear in mind when you’re designing your kitchen layout:

  • Traffic flow: Analyze how you can achieve a streamlined traffic pattern in your particular space. This will largely depend on the existing size and space of the kitchen.
  • The location of electrical outlets: Kitchen appliances all need an electrical plug for power, so be sure that there are enough plugs. They also need to be safely installed and placed in suitable locations.
  • The placement of appliances: Your kitchen layout should be designed to seamlessly incorporate all of the appliances that you need, such as refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, and stove.
  • Storage: Your kitchen needs to accommodate the storage space you need for pots, pans, utensils and food items. Also, make sure you have suitable access to drawers, shelves, and cabinets so you can open them easily.

Which contractor in Northern OKC can perform a great kitchen remodel?

Here at Ten Key Home & Kitchen Remodels, our experts will create the kitchen of your dreams in a sleek design-build process. Our experienced designers will be at your disposal for guidance and planning. For example, we can suggest a color scheme that will perfectly complement your kitchen and make sure you make no mistakes in the kitchen design process. Let us take care of everything while you’re enjoying your spare time at the Myriad Botanical Gardens. Take the design of your home in a new, exciting direction with us by your side!

Top Tips for Sprucing up a Small Kitchen

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Can a small kitchen be as functional as a large one? Well, you better believe it. While it’s true that redesigning a compact kitchen is slightly trickier than remodeling a more spacious one, you can get fantastic results with some creativity and meticulous planning. 

To make sure you get the kitchen of your dreams, you’ll need to hire the right kitchen remodel contractors in Northern OKC to construct it. You’ll also benefit from knowing a few expert tips for designing small spaces.

Keep reading for some of the best tricks to use when you’re designing your small kitchen remodel. You’ll learn how to make the most of your modest square footage.

How can I make the most of my small kitchen?

Since there’s no room to spare, you have to be very careful about every aspect of your new kitchen design. Here are some suggestions for creating the perfect small kitchen.

How can I make the most of my small kitchen?
  1. Functionality is key

Functionality should always be your top priority, so think about how each item will be used and where it will be placed in your kitchen. Since every item will take up valuable space, make sure no inch is wasted. 

Ensure that you have enough room to open drawers and cupboards and move around the space freely. Look into the advantages of different appliance placement options and see what could work for you. Consider clever storage options, including pull-out spice racks, wall-mounted pot rails, as well as tailored shelving and drawer designs. Take advantage of the vertical space that’s at your disposal.

  1. Prioritize carefully

Think about how you normally use the kitchen. This will help you create a design that matches your individual needs. Are you really into baking, so you need to fit a double oven in the design? This may mean you’ll need to give up another item, like a microwave or a double sink. The key is to be realistic about your choices. While you probably won’t be able to have it all, being particular and patient while you plan will help you maximize the design’s functionality. 

  1. Open up the space if you can

Sometimes, it’s possible to open up the kitchen into an adjoining room and add an island. While this won’t actually expand the kitchen itself, it will create an airier vibe and make it appear more inviting. In addition, this adjustment will connect the kitchen to your dining or living room. This layout can be very practical because it allows you to chat to friends and family while you’re preparing food.

How do you make a small kitchen look bigger?

How do you make a small kitchen look bigger?

Here are some tactics you could try if you’d like to visually expand your kitchen:

  • Open it up to your back porch with a sliding glass door.
  • Although it may seem counterintuitive, go for larger, not smaller tiles.
  • Use the same material for the countertop and the backsplash. 
  • Select a predominantly light color scheme.
  • Use glass cabinet doors.
  • Maximize natural light.

Who are reliable kitchen remodel contractors in Northern OKC?

Ten Key Home & Kitchen Remodels has a team of competent and dependable remodelers who’ll help you avoid all the common kitchen design mistakes. We’ll handle the whole remodeling process, making sure that every piece of the puzzle fits perfectly. If you put us in charge of your project, you’ll be able to completely relax while visiting the Science Museum of Oklahoma or exploring other attractions in your area.

Rely on our team’s skills and experience and take our handy financing opportunity to finally get the kitchen you deserve. Give us a call today!

6 Common Bathroom Addition Mistakes to Avoid

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Bathroom additions are a fantastic way to increase the value of your property and boost its overall convenience and appeal. However, there are many mistakes that can be made when you’re adding a full bathroom to your home. These blunders could seriously affect the final outcome of the project.

Read on for the top six biggest mistakes to avoid when doing this project and top tips on how to prevent them. Once you know what to look out for, it’ll be easier to prevent disappointment and costly repairs. Also, if you live in Oklahoma City, booking bathroom addition services is your best protection against these mistakes.

What are the biggest bathroom addition mistakes?

What are the biggest bathroom addition mistakes?

Bathroom additions are extensive projects and different issues could crop up along the way. Here’s what to avoid to make sure your home improvement is successful.

  1. Not planning properly before you start building: Before you begin any bathroom building project, there has to be proper planning. This means considering your existing plumbing and measuring where everything will fit within an allotted space. Don’t forget about code requirements for bathrooms, electrical lines, and other specifics, such as including wheelchair accessible items or proper shower facilities for those who have physical disabilities.
  2. Failing to consider the home’s future: Evaluate what your family’s needs will be like in the future while working out the design of the new space. For example, you may plan on having kids or an elderly relative move in with you soon, which can affect your decision making. Also, you may like to sell your home  or rent it out someday, so consider adding amenities that would fit the needs of potential renters.
  3. Trying to save money on plumbing: Plumbing is the backbone of your bathroom addition and it’s vital to its functionality. Faulty plumbing can lead to leakage problems that will cost even more money in the long run. If it leads to water pooling on the floor of this new addition, it could cause damage to the rest of your house as well.
  4. Going the DIY route: While it may seem like a sound choice at first, trying to DIY any of the aspects of your new bathroom construction may result in expensive repairs. A bathroom is a place where electrical and plumbing installations converge, which can be particularly dangerous if handled by an untrained individual. 
  5. Not considering ventilation: Ventilation is important for removing moist indoor air, odors, and pollutants. Moist indoor air can lead to the growth of molds or mildew that are harmful to human health. That’s why bathrooms should always have window access or a ventilation fan installed.
  6. Not thinking of storage: You need ample space for all of your toiletries, towels, and other bathroom necessities, so make sure you factor this in when you’re working on a plan for your project. Storage units such as cabinets and shelving  will reduce clutter and make the space more appealing.

Where in Oklahoma City can I find great bathroom addition services?

6 Common Bathroom Addition Mistakes to Avoid

Ten Key Home & Kitchen Remodels has a team of seasoned and dedicated professionals who’ll make your dreams of a gorgeous, tranquil bathroom come to life. Find out why we were selected as one of the best Oklahoma City bathroom remodeling contractors by Home Builders Digest. While you’re out and about in Edwards Park, we’ll take care of all the aspects of your bathroom addition or another remodeling project. You’ll see an increase in the functionality and looks of your property along with many other useful benefits.

Reach out to us to schedule your initial on-site consultation and talk about the design of your new bathroom. Your project will soon be underway and you’ll be a step closer to your dream home!

Top 8 Bathroom Design Trends

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A new bathroom addition is a great way to enhance the look and feel of your home with a stunning new design that has all of your favorite features. There’s plenty of ways you can give this intimate space its own unique style. Bathroom additions can be built in a wide variety of styles, from modern and contemporary to rustic or traditional. 

Most people go for a look that matches the rest of their home while taking into account the specifics of the space, like its size and layout. Homeowners in OKC can count on excellent bathroom addition services to help them find the style that best suits their space.

If you’d like to include some of the most cutting edge trends in your new bathroom, read on to find out how to create a tailored space that fits your aesthetic and practical needs.

What are the best bathroom designs for my home?

What are the best bathroom designs for my home?

While each home and family is different, there are quite a few stylish options that are growing in popularity at the moment. Here are a few of the best upgrades to consider for your bathroom addition.

  1. Integrated sinks: These sinks are built into the countertop, offering a modern, streamlined appearance that can take the atmosphere of your bathroom to the next level. 
  2. Dark floors and walls: Striking charcoal or deep chocolate can be great additions to your new bathroom. If you carefully implement them in the overall color scheme, they can bring in a beautiful balance or be a bold centerpiece.
  3. Polished chrome faucets: These fixtures are gaining traction because they’re modern, stylish, and elegant all while being extremely durable and non-porous. It’s naturally shiny, which makes it resistant to tarnishing and complements the other colors in your bathroom. 
  4. Wooden cabinets instead of plastic ones: While plastic cabinets are a solid utilitarian choice, they pale in comparison to beautiful, tailor-made wooden cabinets. They’re excellent quality and can be made to measure so you can make the most out of the space at your disposal.
  5. Wood paneling on walls: Wood paneling with a natural looking texture but smooth finish complements both the traditional and the modern bathroom well, adding a bit of warmth to create a cozy oasis. You do need to be careful to place it in areas that don’t come in direct contact with water.
  6. Large tiles: While it may seem counterintuitive, larger tiles actually make your bathroom look more spacious. They look sleek and come in a wide range of colors and materials to choose from.
  7. Back to nature outdoor feel hammock baths: Hammock baths are creatively designed fixtures that can make you feel as if you were lounging somewhere out in the open. They offer a superbly relaxing experience that can’t be matched by a regular tub or shower.
  8. Freestanding tubs: If, like most people, you enjoy relaxing bubble baths, freestanding tubs are another possibility. They provide a touch of luxury and transform any plain space into a true sophisticated retreat.

Which company in OKC provides streamlined bathroom addition services?

Which company in OKC provides streamlined bathroom addition services?

Here at Ten Key Home & Kitchen Remodels, we make sure you receive all the benefits of a bathroom addition by applying an expertise-based, customized approach to each project. Our degreed designers will make sure you settle on a design that matches your needs while avoiding all the common pitfalls of bathroom additions. They’ll go over your ideas with you and make expert suggestions to help you finalize your vision of your home.

We’ll also oversee and manage the whole project in full, including permit application, the selection of materials and fixtures as well as the building stage, where our experienced builders bring your dreams to life. Take your kids to Goodholm Park and spend your free time relaxing while we handle the details of the project. Give us a call today!

Bathroom Additions: All You Need to Know

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Who offers dependable bathroom addition services in OKC

Responsible homeowners are always on the lookout for that next step they could take to improve the comfort and appearance of their home. If you’ve saved up some money and want to invest it in a home improvement project, a bathroom addition is one of the best choices you could make. By booking reliable bathroom addition services in OKC, you’ll enjoy added convenience and practicality.

If you’d like to access all the benefits of this rewarding project and learn more about its steps, duration, and potential ROI, keep reading. You’ll soon be ready to contact your contractors and kick off the planning process.

Is it worth it to add a bathroom?

Absolutely. According to some estimates, a bathroom addition can enhance the value of a property by about 6% on average. Of course, the exact return on investment will depend on the exact size of the project and the materials you choose for it. But you can definitely expect to benefit from a bathroom addition whether you wish to continue residing in your current home indefinitely or plan on selling it in the near future. 

If you don’t intend to move any time soon, you’ll get to enjoy more convenience as you’ll have an additional bathroom for your guests or growing family. On the other hand, if you’re planning to put your house on the market, you’ll have an easier time attracting prospective buyers.

Can you add a bathroom anywhere in a house?

Yes, in general, you can add a bathroom almost anywhere in the house. However, not all locations are equally easy to work with. If your desired placement requires more complex construction work, you will likely need to pay more. Typically, it’s easier and more budget-friendly to repurpose an existing area of your home, such as a closet or a portion of a long hallway or basement, or the space under the staircase.

How long does it take to add on a bathroom?

Is it hard to add a bathroom to a house?

Bathroom additions aren’t as extensive as some other similar projects, such as a full-scale second-story addition. However, they’re still rather demanding because they include new plumbing and electrical installation. This is why it’s important to have the support of an experienced full-service team. They’ll guide you through the whole process, including permit applications, planning and design, selection and ordering of materials, and timely construction.

How long does it take to add on a bathroom?

The duration of the project may depend on multiple factors, like:

  • How long it takes to get the necessary permits
  • The complexity and scope of the work
  • The size of the addition
  • Other special requests and considerations

The best way to find out how long the addition will take in your particular case is to reach out to trustworthy contractors. Based on your requirements and their experience, they’ll be able to provide you with an estimate of its overall duration and design a project schedule that suits you. 

Who offers dependable bathroom addition services in OKC?

Is it hard to add a bathroom to a house?

By hiring Ten Key Home & Kitchen Remodels for your bathroom addition, you’ll have reliable partners in your pursuit of a more comfortable, more functional home. Our design-build team will take you through all the stages of the project steadily and effortlessly. 

Get in touch with us to help you create a trendy, stylish bathroom design, discuss the best location for your new bathroom, and make sure you avoid costly mistakes. Arrange an on-site inspection of your property in Lincoln Terrace or another neighborhood in Oklahoma City. We’re at your disposal for cutting-edge design and sturdy construction!

Top 5 Advantages of Bathroom Additions

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Everyone knows how frustrating it is to wait your turn to take a shower. Or how irritating it can be to have your teenage kids constantly fighting over a shared bathroom. Thankfully, these problems can be solved by having a new bathroom installed in your house. 

With some help from top-rated bathroom addition services in Oklahoma City, you’ll get all the advantages of a sophisticated bathroom addition. If you’re still on the fence about doing this project, read on to find out five of the most important benefits it can bring you.

What are the benefits of adding a bathroom?

What are the benefits of adding a bathroom?

Bathroom additions are one of the best ways to spruce up your home. Although they do typically require some extensive construction work, such as setting up new plumbing and electrical installations, they unfold seamlessly if they’re managed by a reliable contractor. Take a look at some of the practical perks you can access.

  1. You will sell your house for more

A brand new, beautiful bathroom can attract potential buyers in case you decide to put your home up for sale. Not only will it make a great impression, but it will also allow you to sell it for more. Buyers love seeing a home that’s been well-maintained and recently renovated. 

  1. You’ll have people over more often

Hosting a party means that the line for the bathroom can get pretty long pretty quickly. This can cause inconveniences for you and your guests, and put a damper on your get-together. With an extra bathroom, you’ll have no such problems any longer. Your guests will appreciate having a bathroom to themselves and you’ll feel more comfortable inviting people over. 

  1. Your family will be more comfortable

Bickering over a shared bathroom can be a terrible start to your morning. Prevent arguments and have a more relaxed start to your day with a stylish extra bathroom. You won’t have to worry about family members’ clashing schedules or wait for the bathroom when you’re in a rush to get to work.

Who provides tailored bathroom addition services in Oklahoma City?
  1. Your space will be better suited to your needs

Have you always wanted to have long bubble baths but you’ve had to settle for showers instead? Or maybe you’d like more storage space for your toiletries, which your existing bathrooms simply lack? Now you have the chance to personalize your new bathroom to meet all of your demands.

  1. You’ll be able to relax more

A bathroom should be a true sanctuary, where you can feel completely at ease as you unwind after a busy day. You can implement your favorite soothing color scheme, whether you like tranquil greens, soft beiges, or airy whites. Add cozy wood paneling or earth-toned accents to create a zen oasis that will help you regain your balance whenever you need rest.

Who provides tailored bathroom addition services in Oklahoma City?

Top 5 Advantages of Bathroom Additions

Ten Key Home & Kitchen Remodels is a reputable company specializing in bathroom additions across Oklahoma City. We’ll take your requirements into consideration, create a custom plan based on them, help you with your permit application, and carry out all construction work on schedule. Your new bathroom will be designed to match your taste in interior design and crafted to last for years to come. Call us to discuss the details and walk you through the process of a bathroom addition.

Apart from adding onto your home this way, we also carry out a wide range of other room additions and remodels. Set up an inspection of your property and rest easy while we plan out and construct your project without delays or mistakes. You’ll be able to enjoy your spare time with your family at the Science Museum of Oklahoma while we handle everything!