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To help you shoulder the financial burden of a remodeling project, Ten Key Home & Kitchen Remodels has developed a helpful and reliable solution. Drawing on our extensive experience, we’ve found the most effective strategy for financially structuring large-scale renovations. By partnering with a local bank, we offer a one-of-a-kind financing resource exclusive to our clients. This system helps you budget for your project and ensures you get your money’s worth.

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Level Up Loan Process: First, you’ll close on a new construction loan to refinance your current mortgage loan, and then you’ll draw on that construction loan to fund your project. After the project is complete, the balance of the construction loan automatically converts to a new permanent home loan, like a typical 15 or 30-year home loan. Although they’re technically two different loans, you’ll only pay closing costs once. Also, the initial appraisal for your Level Up Loan is based on the expected future value of your home, post-renovation, providing you much more capital than a HELOC or other option.

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Ten Key has used its expertise and connections to partner with a leading local bank and provide you with an optimal financing solution for your project, the “Level Up Loan.” We believe, and our client feedback supports, that this way of financing projects provides the absolute most value at the least cost, all while creating an opportunity to fund your project with no cash out of pocket.

Here's the math:

Current Home Value


Current Home Loan


Current Equity in Home


Project Cost


Appraisal of AFTER PROJECT Home


Loan potential

$440,000 x 80% = $352,000

Initial Construction Loan Draw


(To pay off current loan, plus estimated closing costs)

Project Costs drawn on construction loan over time


(Note the extra $1,000 in this example; assume we found something bad in the wall that needed to be fixed)

Construction Loan Converted to New 30-year Fixed

$204k+$76k = $280,000


Value of Renovated Home


New Home Loan


New Equity


Out of pocket: $0

If you convert your construction loan to a 30-year home loan, it’s like you’re financing your project with us over 30 years at current market rates with no money down. With how much your home will appreciate over time and the often-overlooked value of loving your home every day, it’s hard to imagine a reason not to embark on this journey with us!

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