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Ten Key Remodels is your go-to design-build contracting company in Edmond and the surrounding OKC area. Whether you’re planning a remodeling project or new construction home, our approach integrates both aspects into a singular, streamlined process, ensuring your project runs smoothly from start to finish. Count on our talented and dedicated residential interior designers to turn your ideas into reality, and let us build a home that stands as a testament to luxury, intimacy, and impeccable quality.

We set the bar high

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Our process is what makes excellence possible

initial remodeling dicsussion

Initial consultation

A simple call is all it takes to get in touch with our experienced interior designers. Let them know what you want, and they will bring your ideas to life, in line with your requirements and according to the highest industry standards.

Custom design

Our team will guide you through an array of choices during the consultation process. We’ll propose several modern designs based on your input and grant you a choice. The rest is up to you.
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The final plan

Once we have all the information needed, you'll have full access to our OKC professionals for any questions and concerns you may have. Plus, you’ll receive access to our dedicated Client Portal in BuilderTrend, allowing you to track the progress we’re making, every step of the way.

Construction tailored to your needs

No matter what you have in mind, our goal is to tailor the project scope and materials to meet your budget and overall goals. Our team will keep you in the loop day in, day out, keeping you informed about all our daily accomplishments.
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Enjoy the process

We pride ourselves on timely project delivery. We'll stay transparent, work around the schedule, and handle all the details for you. This is how we minimize all potential for disruptions and allow you to enjoy the process of seeing your new home appear right before your eyes.

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We’re here for you every step of the way

Why we’re different from other design build contractors in OKC

Free on-site consultations
Detailed design planning
Designs made in 3D software
Dedication to quality consistency
Expert construction management
Accurate project schedule
Real-time project updates
Streamlined online platform
Our new construction homes are expertly designed and built

Benefits of our experienced design-build contractors in OKC

There are many design-build companies, but there are few offering the same level of commitment, professionalism, and expertise we do. Here’s why you should work with our seasoned design-build contractors in Edmond or elsewhere in the greater OKC area:

  • Increased home value & comfort 
  • Tailored interior design 
  • Detailed approach 
  • Design according to your taste and preferences
  • High-tech fixtures and appliances

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Why homeowners love us

Word from our customers once they see our finished work

“We hired Ten Key to remodel our master bathroom. I indicated at the start that we expected the outcome to be a Wow! The whole process was a Wow. Jessica’s design work was amazing! Marissa and Justin made sure the work was done to perfection. There weren’t any surprises. We were so pleased with the result we’ve asked Ten Key to remodel our kitchen and second bath while also creating a butler’s pantry. Thanks to other great reviews we chose this team and have no regrets. Totally satisfied!”

- Rich E.

“From the very beginning we knew we had found our “person” to implement our dream bathroom. Jessica & Kimberly guided us through the design process beautifully! Marissa was our contact person & kept us well informed & truly cared that we were happy through the entire process. We felt like we were truly heard through the entire process & couldn’t be happier with the end result. We felt like we developed a life-long friendship in the process.”

- Paula L.

“I was pleasantly surprised upon meeting the consultation team. They were prompt, professional and made me feel at ease.
Although we decided to go a different route (we are working on a flip versus a remodel), they offered us some very solid and honest advice that we appreciate very much. Thanks again!”

- Serena B.

“I have worked with Ten Key for several years now on multiple projects including a kitchen, bath and exterior renovation. I have thoroughly enjoyed them. We have completed several projects in the Edmond area. I would highly recommend them for their transparency, technical expertise and quality.”

- Sabra T.

“The entire team at Ten Key was incredibly responsive and diligent in their work. Through each step, someone from the management team was communicating with us about what was happening with our project and what the timeline would be moving forward. We knew we were in good hands throughout the whole process!”

- Chris E.

“Ten Key Remodels did excellent work on our house. We hired them to replace nearly 2000 square feet of flooring, remove a pony wall and repair multiple sections of drywall. When a hiccup occurred in the project, they handled it swiftly, professionally and completely. They were communicative and responsive. We really look forward to working with them again on future projects.”

- Samantha W.

“I hired Ten Key Remodels for two projects during the holiday season and during COVID. They worked around my holiday schedule and wore masks in my home. My little bathroom was transformed. They did an excellent job!”

- Susan R.

“This was a complete kitchen remodel. We knew what we did not want - the old kitchen! - but we had no idea how even to begin to know what we did want. Ten Key was awesome. They made us feel completely comfortable as they led us through every step of this project. They had many great ideas to choose from for the cabinet design and helped us in deciding about flooring, granite, backsplash, colors, and so on anytime we asked for it.”

- Susan L.

“We had a great experience using Ten Key for our addition. We expanded our dining room out into the backyard, adding about 100 sq ft. It needed new concrete slab, walls and roofline removed, new walls, roof, floor, and paint.”

- Josh D.

“This company is the one to choose. Personal, honest, good communicators. They are full-service - plumbers, electricians, carpentry, tile, they do it all, which eliminates the need to find other contractors in case a problem is discovered during a remodel. The owner keeps a close eye on everything being done. She runs it like a top-shelf business. Very professional foundation, tile, and finishing work.”

- Susan R.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the advantages of design-build?

    Remodeling your home or building new construction homes gets you excited easily, but also a bit afraid of choosing one of the different approaches to home remodeling or construction. 

    However, if you’re not sure what kind of contract to make with a home remodeling company, you should consider the comprehensive design-build contractors. As Oklahoma City’s leading design-build contractor, we’ll provide you with the following benefits:

    • Improved teamwork efficiency as we handle all the processes.
    • Complete accountability since only one contractor is responsible for the project.
    • Full workflow continuity.
    • Seamless integration of design and construction.
    • Tightly-knit collaborative efforts between different remodeling departments.
    • Honest and frequent communication with customers.
    • Boosted design and construction efficiency and swiftness.
  • What is the design-build process?

    Design-build remodeling or new construction service is a specialized method of improved project delivery where a single contractor is in charge of all the interior design and construction work of your property in OKC and the area.

    However, in order for this approach to be implemented properly, you need to hire an expert remodeling company to take care of the different stages and tackle the challenges of design and construction work.

    That is why you should always turn to our experts. We have years of experience doing extensive home remodels and building premium new construction homes across Oklahoma City and the nearby neighborhoods, including Edmond. We will provide all the support you need, listen to your requirements, and build you the home of your dreams!

  • What to consider when building a new home?

    Among the many important considerations regarding the construction of a new home, one stands out as the most important, and it’s choosing a trusted design-build contractor and residential interior designers to take care of all the design and construction work.

    Luckily, you can always turn to us for any advice on the best way to build your house in Edmond, OK, and the area. However, once you contact us, there’s still important matters to pay attention to:

    • Be realistic about the scope of the project you’re embarking on.
    • Clearly state all your requirements and wishes regarding your new construction home.
    • Think about the placement of furniture and cabinets during early design stages.
    • Take the time to thoroughly plan everything with your contractors.
    • Expect the construction of your new home to look bad before looking amazing.
    • Be as clear as possible when communicating your ideas to the contractors. 
    • Always be kind if you’re expecting kindness in return.
    • Listen to the advice of professionals but also be firm about the important requests. 
  • Where do you start when building a new home?

    The construction of a new home usually goes like this:

    • Choose a design direction for your home by working with expert interior designers.
    • Find adequate land to build your home on.
    • Apply for a loan for home construction.
    • Review and sign the contract with your construction company.
    • Monitor the building of your new construction home.
    • Complete your handover.
  • How do I choose a new construction contractor near me in Edmond and the rest of OKC?

    Contact Ten Key Remodels and set up a time for an on-site consultation. Whenever you need exceptional design-build remodeling services in Edmond, OK, or somewhere else across OKC, we’re here for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to build a home near Arcadia Lake or closer to the Edmond Historical Society & Museum. We’ll come where you need us to be and give you an amazing new construction home.

    However, we do not specialize only in providing various design-build construction and remodeling solutions. We have the experience and the expertise in different types of home remodeling services, including the following:

    We will listen to all your specific needs and ensure you receive the home remodeling service you were always looking for. Reach out to us today and let’s get started.