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If you’re planning a bathroom addition in Oklahoma City, Edmond, or the nearby area, feel free to reach out to Ten Key Home & Kitchen Remodels. Our well-coordinated design+build team will work together to carry out your bathroom addition precisely and efficiently. We’ll create customized design solutions to accommodate your requests, budget, and taste. You’ll keep track of every stage of the project with the help of our advanced construction management software.

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Adding a new bathroom to your home can be hugely beneficial, especially if done right by experienced bathroom addition contractors. Here at Ten Key Home & Kitchen Remodels, we have many bathroom additions in OKC, Edmond, and the vicinity under our belt. Our team makes a point of completing every project in a timely manner, employing all of our expertise to deliver satisfying results. We offer:
  • Streamlined design made to fit your requirements
  • We work out a schedule that suits you
  • Fine-tuned and minimal-stress design and construction
  • We monitor the work to make sure it hits the mark
  • Construction management systems lets you keep track of the progress

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I enjoyed working with Katie very much! Easy to work with and responds to requests quickly. Makes herself available.

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Frequently asked questions

Is adding a second bathroom worth it?

A well-done bathroom addition is a major investment but it also pays off in several ways. Firstly, if you’re planning to put your home on the market sometime down the line, an extra bathroom can boost its value and make it more marketable when you go to sell. Also, it’s an added convenience for the household, especially if your family is big or you often have guests over. It can be the perfect way to maximize the use of your space. Also, it is a one-time investment that puts your mind at ease for decades.  Oftentimes a bathroom addition will go along with a room addition, which adds great additional space to your home.

At Ten Key Home & Kitchen Remodels, we’ll go above and beyond to ensure that your bathroom addition in Oklahoma City, Edmond, or the vicinity goes as planned and meets your standards.

Where should I add an extra bathroom?

Identifying the right spot for your additional bathroom can be tricky. Judging by the vast experience we’ve had doing bathroom additions in OKC, Edmond, and the surrounding area, these are some of the most common locations for a new bathroom:

  • If there’s some room available under a staircase, this could be the ideal place to fit a small second bathroom
  • You could repurpose a portion of a long hallway by transforming it into a lovely guest bath
  • In case your master bedroom is spacious enough, create an ensuite by adding a bathroom there
  • Your walk-in closet or pantry may also lend themselves well to a makeover

When you contact Ten Key Home & Kitchen Remodels, we’ll have a free initial consultation to assess the space in question and provide you with excellent bathroom addition ideas.

How do you add a bathroom to a house?

Adding a new bathroom to a home requires a lot of careful planning and hard work. Here is a general outline of what happens during one of these projects:

  • Removal of existing fixtures, if they’re present
  • Removal of existing floor and wall tiles
  • Installation of electrical wiring
  • Preparing the walls
  • Painting the ceiling
  • Plumbing installation
  • Tiling the floors and walls
  • Grouting
  • Installation of plumbing fixtures
  • Adding bathroom accessories and furniture

How long does it take to build a bathroom addition?

In general, bathroom additions take a month or two to complete. However, this is very variable because it depends on specific circumstances. For example, construction work could uncover certain issues that need to be addressed before proceeding.

However, one thing is for certain: the project will be carried out most time-efficiently if you hire design+build contractors, like Ten Key Home & Kitchen Remodels. We’ll take care of every aspect of your bathroom addition, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and quickly.

How do I get in touch with #1 bathroom addition contractors in OKC & beyond?

In case your house is situated in the Deep Deuce, the Flatiron District, or elsewhere in OKC or Edmond, turn to Ten Key Home & Kitchen Remodels for specialist bathroom additions. We can also render a wide range of other services, including:

Whatever the type or remodeling or addition you wish to undertake, we’ll have a way to execute it. Talk to our team, share your vision, and let’s make it happen!