The 80’s Update

These homeowners loved their starter home, but they did not love the outdated kitchen design. While the layout was functional for them, the drop soffits and honey-stained cabinets were less than desirable. After a design meeting with us, they wanted a bold cabinet color with updated hardware, countertops, and backsplash. The key to this design was working with the beige wall and ceiling paint since our clients were not ready to repaint their whole house.

After removing the drop soffits and patching the drywall, the whole kitchen was elevated and brightened. Exchanging old florescent lights with new can lights changed the hue of the whole space and helped calm the orange overtone. The final touches were a coat of bold navy paint on the cabinets, a subtle glass mosaic backsplash, and a light and neutral granite to marry the two. We added crown molding to finish the cabinets, and the end product was an updated kitchen that reflected the style of the homeowners, while staying true to the roots of the house.


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