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Serene + Sophisticated Bathroom Remodel

This full bathroom remodel was far more than just an update—it was a transformative journey to a peaceful retreat that deeply resonates with our clients’ personal taste and enhances their daily routines. Driven by the vision to modernize and elevate their space, they embarked on a comprehensive overhaul, stripping away the old to make room for the new, sophisticated design. Their vision was clear: to build a bathroom that marries functionality with bespoke beauty, starting from the ground up.

Project Details:

  • Remove outdated countertops and vanity
  • Dismantle old plumbing fixtures
  • Demolished all existing flooring and shower tiles
  • Remove concrete to accommodate a new curbless shower design
  • Install double shaker doors and drawers
  • Add reeded top drawers
  • Paint walls and ceilings
Serene and Sophisticated Before Stage

The Before Stage

The original bathroom was outdated and cramped, with heavy cabinetry and worn-out fixtures that no longer served their lifestyle or aesthetic preferences. The space was cluttered and lacked the harmony and flow that they desired. They were looking for an updated space with new countertops, flooring, and a shower, complemented by a gorgeous floral wallpaper by Coordonné.


Design & Planning Stage

Every detail was carefully selected to contribute to the serene and sophisticated theme we aimed for. The decision to install a curbless shower not only updated the look but also improved accessibility and opened up the space. We opted for a soothing color palette to create a tranquil and inviting atmosphere. For instance, for the beadboard we used Sherwin-Williams’ Evergreen Fog—a gorgeous mix of green, gray, and a hint of blue.

Serene and Sophisticated Design
professional Bathroom Remodeling company okc

Finished Project

The finished bathroom really showcases what thoughtful design and expert craftsmanship can achieve. The new double shaker doors and drawers, outfitted with modern hardware and textured details, offer abundant storage while enhancing the overall elegance. The choice of light colors and textured finishes has transformed the bathroom into a bright, inviting retreat that our clients absolutely adore.

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