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If you’d like to create a spa-like environment in your home bathroom, feel free to contact Ten Key Home & Kitchen Remodels. We listen to your wishes and employ cutting-edge 3D technology to present you with multiple potential solutions for you to choose from. Our qualified and insured bathroom remodel contractors in Oklahoma City are able to transform the design you choose into reality and ensure the construction phase of the bathroom remodel in your home transpires quickly and smoothly. Contact us today and be quick on your way to a modern and functional bathroom.

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If you’re thinking about remodeling the bathroom in your home in Oklahoma City or Edmond, you should hire the right company for the job to ensure quality of service. Ten Key Home & Kitchen Remodels will help you reap all the benefits of a complete bathroom remodel, including:
  • Increased home value
  • More space in the bathroom
  • Improved comfort and functionality
  • Modern elements and fixtures

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Frequently asked questions

Is remodeling a bathroom worth it?

If you’re looking to breathe new life into your bathroom and outfit it with more modern fixtures and amenities, it is definitely worth considering a whole-bathroom remodel in your home in OKC. Take a look at some of the reasons why remodeling your bathroom is a great idea:

  • Quality bathroom remodeling boosts your home’s resale value.
  • Bathroom remodel allows you to add new and advanced safety features.
  • Experienced bathroom remodeling contractors can modernize your plumbing.
  • Modern bathroom solutions improve sustainability and efficiency.
  • A complete bathroom remodel will eliminate potential mildew and mold.
  • Remodeling your bathroom allows the addition of extra storage space.
  • Bathroom remodel lets you make it suit your own style.

However, it is only possible to reap all these benefits of a bathroom remodel if you hire the most experienced and reputable bathroom remodeling experts in Oklahoma City and the near. Luckily, you can always rely on Ten Key Home & Kitchen Remodels for a fresh and functional new bathroom. Contact us today!

Can you renovate a bathroom yourself?

Yes, you can renovate your bathroom on your own, especially if it’s smaller in size and requires little touch-up work rather than a complete reconstruction and remodel. This is especially true if you have any previous contracting experience to fall back on.

However, the question is not if you can remodel your bathroom all alone, but whether should you do it. While you may be able to do a fine job, most people lack the necessary tools and equipment required to place the necessary final touches on your bathroom remodel efforts.

That is why you should always hire a professional company for bathroom remodeling in OKC and the surrounding areas. Bathroom remodeling experts from Ten Key Home & Kitchen Remodels will transform your bathroom per your requirements and implement all of the advanced contemporary features every modern bathroom needs. Reach out to us today!

How do I find a contractor to remodel my bathroom?

When you’re ready to remodel your bathroom, it is important to hire professional bathroom remodeling contractors in Edmond, OKC, and the surrounding area who are able to bring your wishes into reality. Not all bathroom remodeling companies are equal, and you should look for the following traits before settling on your remodeling contractor:

  • Experience: Quality bathroom remodeling requires experience.
  • Communication: Your contractor should listen to your wishes and discuss additional possibilities.
  • Relationship: You want to hire bathroom remodeling contractors you are able to develop strong professional and personal relationships with.
  • Organization: Bathroom remodels require good organizational skills.
  • Planning: Only hire a remodeling company that takes everything into account when planning your bathroom remodel.
  • Design: You should get access to several 3D design options in order to make an informed decision on your new bathroom look.
  • Details: Only hire a contractor that pays attention to the smallest of remodeling details.
  • Insurance: You should book services from an insured and licensed contractor.
  • Warranty: Make sure you partner with a bathroom remodeling contractor that offers a warranty on their services.

Ten Key Home & Kitchen Remodels is here to offer premium bathroom remodeling services across OKC and the nearby areas. We offer multiple 3D design options, free quotes, and on-site consultation, as well as a 1-year warranty. All our contractors are insured and licensed, and you can relax knowing your bathroom remodeling efforts are in good hands. Call us today!

What to do when your bathroom is being renovated?

As much as you’re looking forward to seeing your bathroom’s new look, it can be difficult to endure the entire process, especially if you only have a single bathroom in your home. Here are some tips on how to more easily survive your bathroom remodel:

  • Ask the contractors to not take the toilet out until the last possible minute.
  • Use the bathroom whenever you are allowed access to it.
  • Take your toiletries out of the bathroom in case you need to use them.
  • Try to design a plan with your contractors that will work around your schedule.
  • Get a gym membership and take a long, hot shower after a workout.
  • Clearly communicate any potential problems with the contracting crew.
  • Plan a mini-vacation while your bathroom is being remodeled.

Who are the #1 experts in bathroom remodel in Oklahoma City & the area?

Ten Key Home & Kitchen Remodels, who else? If you’re looking for the best bathroom remodel contractors in Northern OKC, Edmond, or other locations across Oklahoma City, there’s no better choice than Ten Key Home & Kitchen Remodels. To us, it makes little difference whether you live in Edmond or near Downtown Oklahoma City and Bricktown. We will listen to your wishes, create a design that works for you, and carry out all the necessary construction work your requirements entail.

However, that’s not all we do. Besides providing comprehensive bathroom remodeling services, we are also able to offer the following home remodeling services in Oklahoma City and across the region:

It doesn’t matter what your home and bathroom remodeling goals, wishes, and needs are, Ten Key Home & Kitchen Remodels is a company that is able to bring all of your requirements into existence. We do not stop until you’re over the moon with our work. Contact us today and let’s give your home a fresh look.