Beauty in the Bungalow

The Master Bathroom

Our clients had just purchased this house and had big dreams to make it their own. We started by taking out almost three thousand square feet of tile and replacing it with an updated wood look tile. That, along with new paint and trim made the biggest difference in brightening up the space and bringing it into the current style.

This home’s largest project was the master bathroom. We took what used to be the master bathroom and closet and combined them into one large master ensuite. Our clients’ style was clean, natural and luxurious. We created a large shower with a custom niche, frameless glass, and a full shower system. The quartz bench seat and the marble picket tiles elevated the design and combined nicely with the champagne bronze fixtures. The freestanding tub was centered under a beautiful clear window to let the light in and brighten the room. A completely custom vanity was made to fit our clients’ needs with two sinks, a makeup vanity, upper cabinets for storage, and a pull-out accessory drawer. The end result was a completely custom and beautifully functional space that became a restful retreat for our happy clients.

Project Notes:

  • Removed tile
  • Added wood look flooring
  • New paint
  • New trim
  • freestanding tub
  • new bronze fixtures
  • Makeup Vanity
  • Pull Out Accessory Drawer
  • Custom frameless shower glass

The Before Stage

Our projects start with the analysis of the current state of the room. In collaboration with the homeowner, we identify the issues and the desired results. This stage is where ideas are generated and discussed.


Design & Planning Stage

Our designers come up with a solution that the client will love. We render what the final project will look like when completed. In this stage, our clients can see the transformation of their space.

Bathroom Remodel in progress
finalized bathroom remodel project

Finished Project

The best stage of the project, both of the Ten Key team and our clients is the reveal of the final results. Once the project is done, homeowners can enjoy their new space and we can rest in the knowledge that we made a positive change in someone’s living space.

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