finalized kitchen remodel in Edmond, OK

Mid Century Modern Kitchen Remodel

To get our client to their dream kitchen, our team extended the cabinets to the end of the kitchen, removed a partial wall, and removed the popcorn texturing. The old backsplash was replaced with herringbone polished marble mosaic tile and white quartz countertops and new floors. We also upgraded the appliances to match the industrial showstopper of a stove and built custom pullouts in the cabinets to maximize storage and organization space.

The cherry on top of this mid-century modern kitchen are the gold pendant light fixtures and cabinets painted in Valspar Royal Pine. This is certainly a complete kitchen remodel that we could not be prouder of!

This project’s before and after comparison photos speak for themselves. Our client was more than ready for a significant kitchen rebuild to improve culinary functionality and update the style and mood of the space. We started with a kitchen with too little counter space, old appliances, outdated backsplash, and wood cabinets under popcorn ceilings.

Project Notes:

  • Extend counter to length of kitchen
  • Extend pantry cabinets + add custom pullout shelves
  • Upgrade refrigerator
  • Wherever wall/exhaust pipe- open wall up to it
  • White quartz countertops
  • Add barstool overhang
  • Remove soffit on one side
  • New sink- double or single
  • New faucet- is boiling hot no warm
  • Remove dome light
  • White walls
  • Remove popcorn ceilings
kitchen needing a remodel

The Before Stage

Our projects start with the analysis of the current state of the room. In collaboration with the homeowner, we identify the issues and the desired results. This stage is where ideas are generated and discussed.

Design & Planning Stage

Our designers come up with a solution that the client will love. We render what the final project will look like when completed. In this stage, our clients can see the transformation of their space.
3D plan for a kitchen remodel
finalized kitchen remodel in Edmond, OK

Finished Project

The best stage of the project, both of the Ten Key team and our clients is the reveal of the final results. Once the project is done, homeowners can enjoy their new space and we can rest in the knowledge that we made a positive change in someone’s living space.