Exterior and Laundry Room

Exterior Project Notes:

  • Exteriors
  • Repair mortar
  • Whitewash stone
  • Repair windows
  • Replaced rotting trim
  • Added new gutters
  • New exterior light fixtures
  • Rebuilt covered patio structure
  • Update color of exterior stone
  • Fix cracks in mortar
  • Fix rotted woodwork
  • Upgrade windows
  • Replace bad gutters
  • Update post and porch light fixtures
  • Landscaping at some point (hide water hose)
  • Weatherproof Fence

Laundry Room Project Details:

  • Pushed two walls back to expand laundry room
  • Custom quartz countertop over washer and dryer
  • Painted open shelves
  • Relocated and expanded sink
  • New flooring and light fixtures and hardware
  • Custom cabinetry
  • Wall mounted fold out drying rack
  • Increase everyday functionality + maximize existing space
  • Front load machines with counter on top
  • Large utility sink
  • Paint, flooring, trim
  • Soffit removal
  • Replace with light fixtures
  • Pull down drying rack

Laundry Room Project Process


The Before Stage

Our projects start with the analysis of the current state of the room. In collaboration with the homeowner, we identify the issues and the desired results. This stage is where ideas are generated and discussed.




Design & Planning Stage

Our designers come up with a solution that the client will love. We render what the final project will look like when completed. In this stage, our clients can see the transformation of their space.

Finished Project

The best stage of the project, both of the Ten Key team and our clients is the reveal of the final results. Once the project is done, homeowners can enjoy their new space and we can rest in the knowledge that we made a positive change in someone’s living space.

Exterior Project Process


The Before & Planning Stage

The Before & Planning Stage: Exterior project starts with the assessment of the current state of the property. Working with the homeowners, our design team develops ideas and plans how to improve the curb appeal of the home and make it a more enjoyable place for the clients to be.


Build & Finished Project

Once the plans have been established, our expert team of builders gets to work transforming the plan into reality. The best part of the whole process is the reveal of the rebuild to our clients. Seeing the plan realized and the transformation complete is rewarding to both our team and our clients.