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Fun + Functional: A Transformative Laundry Room Remodel

Every so often, we come across a project that really pushes our creative boundaries and tugs at our heartstrings. Transforming a multi-purpose laundry room into a functional space for both the homeowner and her foster dogs was one of those special projects that truly resonated with our team.

The client, a dedicated foster parent to dogs, needed a space that could effortlessly serve as both a laundry room and mudroom, while also accommodating the unique needs of 4-10 foster dogs. This called for a well-organized and supportive environment that everyone could comfortably call their own.

Project Details:

  • Functionality
  • Storage solutions
  • Laundry setup
  • Front-loading washer and dryer
  • Feeding station
  • Deep utility sink
  • A dedicated whiteboard wall space
  • Mounting space for a camera to monitor the dogs
  • Design flexibility
  • Accessibility
Fun and Functional Before

The Before Stage

Initially, the space was just a basic mudroom and laundry area with limited functionality and hardly any storage. It was cluttered and didn’t meet the client’s needs. Our job was to transform this room into a place that not only handled the daily laundry demands but also supported the specific needs of her dogs, including feeding, medication, and bathing. Such changes would make it possible for our client to provide loving and effective care for her foster dogs.


Design & Planning Stage

When planning the space, we focused on using durable and easy-to-clean materials that would be perfect for both. We designed integrated feeding and medication stations, plenty of storage, and robust laundry facilities. The layout was thoughtfully arranged to improve the flow of daily tasks, from feeding the dogs to handling laundry, making sure everything was easily accessible. We also included small whiteboards as a special touch—these serve as memorials for dogs that have passed, a heartfelt tribute that our client wanted to keep.

Fun and Functional Design
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Finished Project

The new layout includes a feeding station with adjustable heights for the bowls, a deep sink for bathing dogs, and a compact refrigerator tailored to the client’s specifications. The laundry facilities were upgraded with modern appliances, and additional storage was created for pet and laundry supplies. Seeing the tangible results of this thoughtful design made our team immensely proud, as it not only met the client’s needs and helped her be an even better pet foster parent.

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