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If you feel like your house needs a new look, make sure to contact Ten Key Remodels and enjoy the finest house exterior facelift services in Oklahoma City, Edmond, and the region. We are a team of dedicated and knowledgeable professionals who’ll love to revamp your home’s exterior with the latest styles and techniques. Whether you’re looking for a modern look or wish to go for an “old world” feel, you can count on our talented designers to recommend the best options to suit your taste. Contact us now!

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initial remodeling dicsussion

Complimentary design consultation

We’ll set up an appointment at your home to get familiar with your environment and the ideas you have on your mind. We’ll listen to your needs with utmost attention to understand how you want to improve your space. Then we’ll suggest solutions that follow your requirements and give you the results that meet your expectations. We’ll also use the opportunity to take the necessary measurements so we can get ready for the following step…

Custom design

Our team of designers will work with the previously taken measurements to devise meticulous plans for you. We’ll provide you with several unique designs so you can make the choice that best appeals to you. The fees related to the designs will be applied to the overall cost of your remodel once you decide you want us for your partners.

Finalize the plan

When you make your final decision about the design and engage our crew, we’ll work out an extensive plan of your project. With our BuilderTrend’s Client Portal, you’ll have access to your project and keep track of our progress. With the help of our design crew, you’ll choose various options required to complete the project. In this step, our dedicated construction team will be joining in…

Tailored construction

To give your home a new look, we’ll first need to remove what’s not needed anymore. You can rest easy knowing that we’ll keep you updated on a daily basis, providing you with detailed reports and future steps. We’ll work closely with you from the first meeting until we’ve finalized your project.


At Ten Key Remodels, we always go the extra mile to ensure you get the solutions you want. Now is the time to take a step back and admire the results of your project!

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How a home exterior facelift can benefit you

What you get by hiring skilled exterior facelift contractors

Entrusting your house exterior remodeling to a reputable company in OKC or Edmond can bring you a whole range of perks. Here’s what you can enjoy if your choose us for your project: 

  • A boost in home value 
  • Tailored facelift solutions 
  • Great attention to detail 
  • A wide range of styles

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The first choice of Edmond & OKC homeowners

“We hired Ten Key to remodel our master bathroom. I indicated at the start that we expected the outcome to be a Wow! The whole process was a Wow. Jessica’s design work was amazing! Marissa and Justin made sure the work was done to perfection. There weren’t any surprises. We were so pleased with the result we’ve asked Ten Key to remodel our kitchen and second bath while also creating a butler’s pantry. Thanks to other great reviews we chose this team and have no regrets. Totally satisfied!”

- Rich E.

“From the very beginning we knew we had found our “person” to implement our dream bathroom. Jessica & Kimberly guided us through the design process beautifully! Marissa was our contact person & kept us well informed & truly cared that we were happy through the entire process. We felt like we were truly heard through the entire process & couldn’t be happier with the end result. We felt like we developed a life-long friendship in the process.”

- Paula L.

“I was pleasantly surprised upon meeting the consultation team. They were prompt, professional and made me feel at ease.
Although we decided to go a different route (we are working on a flip versus a remodel), they offered us some very solid and honest advice that we appreciate very much. Thanks again!”

- Serena B.

“I have worked with Ten Key for several years now on multiple projects including a kitchen, bath and exterior renovation. I have thoroughly enjoyed them. We have completed several projects in the Edmond area. I would highly recommend them for their transparency, technical expertise and quality.”

- Sabra T.

“The entire team at Ten Key was incredibly responsive and diligent in their work. Through each step, someone from the management team was communicating with us about what was happening with our project and what the timeline would be moving forward. We knew we were in good hands throughout the whole process!”

- Chris E.

“Ten Key Remodels did excellent work on our house. We hired them to replace nearly 2000 square feet of flooring, remove a pony wall and repair multiple sections of drywall. When a hiccup occurred in the project, they handled it swiftly, professionally and completely. They were communicative and responsive. We really look forward to working with them again on future projects.”

- Samantha W.

“I hired Ten Key Remodels for two projects during the holiday season and during COVID. They worked around my holiday schedule and wore masks in my home. My little bathroom was transformed. They did an excellent job!”

- Susan R.

“This was a complete kitchen remodel. We knew what we did not want - the old kitchen! - but we had no idea how even to begin to know what we did want. Ten Key was awesome. They made us feel completely comfortable as they led us through every step of this project. They had many great ideas to choose from for the cabinet design and helped us in deciding about flooring, granite, backsplash, colors, and so on anytime we asked for it.”

- Susan L.

“We had a great experience using Ten Key for our addition. We expanded our dining room out into the backyard, adding about 100 sq ft. It needed new concrete slab, walls and roofline removed, new walls, roof, floor, and paint.”

- Josh D.

“This company is the one to choose. Personal, honest, good communicators. They are full-service - plumbers, electricians, carpentry, tile, they do it all, which eliminates the need to find other contractors in case a problem is discovered during a remodel. The owner keeps a close eye on everything being done. She runs it like a top-shelf business. Very professional foundation, tile, and finishing work.”

- Susan R.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you renovate the exterior of a house?

    Sure, you can give your home an exterior makeover to boost its curb appeal. House exterior facelift services are designed to turn any home into a showstopper with fresh paint, architectural changes, and new additions. If you hire professional exterior remodeling contractors, they’ll take into account your preferences and ideas, as well as suggest creative solutions to enhance the appeal of your home’s facade. 

    Exterior facelifts can be purely cosmetic, including changes such as new cladding or paint. On the other hand, you can also change your home’s exterior a bit more drastically, by adding extensions, changing the roof structure, or landscaping your yard. 

    We’re your best option if you’re looking for a reliable home exterior facelift company in OKC, Edmond, and the area. Our talented team can turn your outdated or boring home exterior into a modern facade that will instantly improve the appeal of your home. All you have to do is contact us, share your ideas, and let us take over!

  • How do I modernize the exterior of my house?

    A well-designed home exterior facelift can instantly transform your property and give it more curb appeal. Here are some creative ideas for modernizing the exterior of your home in Oklahoma City or Edmond

    • Improve the proportions by extending your home outwards or upwards to achieve greater symmetry or a better balance. 
    • Replace your current exterior with finish with modern cladding, rendering, or repainting with popular colors. 
    • Refresh the look of your roof by changing its shape or exterior covering, replacing the tiles, or investing in a complete re-roofing service. 
    • Change up the windows to give your home a whole new personality, adjusting their style and shape or replacing them with contemporary options. 
    • Update the front door, whether by repainting and refurbishing it or by purchasing a new door that better matches the overall style of the home. 
    • Consider adding a front porch to improve the look of your home and get more practical storage space. 
  • What is the most popular color for a house exterior?

    If you’re thinking about hiring professional home exterior remodeling services, choosing a modern paint job is a good place to start. You may not have to replace your home’s exterior surface entirely, as a well-chosen coat of paint can often do the trick. Color trends in Oklahoma City and Edmond keep changing year by year, but these seem to be some of the most popular shades in recent years: 

    • Black and shades of gray (charcoal gray is especially stylish) 
    • Olive and forest green 
    • Taupe, beige, and tan 
    • Burgundy and maroon red 
    • Neutral base colors and bright trims (beige or gray base, vibrant red or blue accents, etc.) 

    If you can’t decide, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Ten Key Remodels and discuss your color tastes and distastes with our design specialists.

  • How much does it cost to give a house a facelift?

    There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the cost of a home exterior facelift can vary significantly depending on a number of factors. These may include: 

    • The scope of the remodeling service (e.g. whether you’re only adding a fresh coat of paint or changing up your roof) 
    • The materials and labor required to complete the project 
    • The house exterior facelift company you choose to hire 
    • Any special requirements you may have 

    Choose our company to enjoy cost-effective, value-boosting home exterior facelift services in Oklahoma City, Edmond, and  beyond.

  • Where do I find reliable house exterior facelift contractors in OKC and Edmond, OK?

    At Ten Key Remodels, we want to enable our valued customers to have the homes they’ve always wanted. We strive to make our exterior facelift services as personalized as they can be. Whether you want to repaint your home near Lake Hefner or change up the exterior of your Downtown OKC home, you can count on our team to keep your wishes in mind every step of the way. In addition to exterior remodeling, we can also help you with: 

    Ready to boost your home’s curb appeal? Get in touch with Ten Key Remodels today and start planning your remodeling project.