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A functional, well-organized garage can be used for a variety purposes, not just to keep your vehicles safe. With custom storage space and flooring, your garage can become a clutter-free space with great functionality. Whether you just want to optimize your garage storage space or wish to turn it into a hobby room, Ten Key Home & Kitchen Remodels is your go-to choice for any garage remodel in Oklahoma City and Edmond, OK. Our expert team will listen to your ideas and present you with design solutions using an advanced 3D software. Once we’ve agreed on the design, we’ll construct your new garage with efficiency and skill.

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If you’re looking for reliable contractors to perform your Northern OKC or Edmond garage remodel, your search is over. At Ten Key Home & Kitchen Remodels, we work with a team of dedicated professionals who know all the ins and outs of garage renovation. If you choose us, you get:
  • Boosted home value
  • Increased usable space
  • Improved garage functionality
  • Convenient storage elements

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Frequently asked questions

How do you remodel an old garage?

Is your garage cluttered, dingy, or just not used as you’d like it to be? A well designed garage remodel may be exactly what you need. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

  • Replace or improve the door. The door is a key part of any garage, both in terms of functionality and the space it takes up. Make sure to replace it if your existing garage door is getting long in the tooth or consider adding insulation if you wish to keep the garage comfy all year round.
  • Add new flooring. Updating the look of your garage flooring can make a world of difference. There are a variety of options to choose from for your flooring, from epoxy and foam floors to hardwood and carpet options if you wish to turn your garage into a hobby room or a similar space.
  • Repaint walls. A simple fresh coat of paint can make your garage look much better already. Make sure to pick a color that opens up the space and doesn’t clash with the door color.
  • Organize storage. No matter what you use your garage for, having convenient storage options is a fantastic way to make the garage look bigger and cleaner. Consider adding storage cabinets, shelves, wall racks, or organizers to keep your stuff in place.
  • Add insulation. If you wish to regulate the temperature in your garage and be able to use it in harsh weather conditions, discuss insulation options with your contractors. They’ll suggest the best solutions to keep your garage cozy all year long.
  • Improve lighting: Adding new lighting options to your garage is a fantastic way to both improve its look and feel and enhance functionality. If you plan to spend time in your garage, make sure that the lights aren’t dim. Motion sensor lights are a convenient option to consider.

If you feel like it’s time to revamp your garage and create a functional, aesthetically pleasing space, contact Ten Key Home & Kitchen Remodels. Our team will work with you to come up with the best design for your garage remodel in Edmond or Oklahoma City and build it using top-quality materials and equipment.

How can I make my garage look bigger?

Trying to make the most of your tiny garage space? Here are some tips on creating more space in your garage and making it appear larger:

  • Add tall shelving or racking to maximize usable space
  • Add a mirror or two to reflect light and make the space look bigger
  • Paint the walls white to create an illusion of spaciousness
  • Declutter the space and get rid of items you don’t use
  • Clear out the garage floors to add room
  • Use foldable equipment such as tables and chairs
  • Buy standing tables and benches to better utilize the space
  • Add color to the ceiling to create a color break
  • Utilize free hanging shelves to clear out the floors

As one of the finest garage remodel contractors in OKC, Edmond, and the area, the team at Ten Key Home & Kitchen Remodels is experienced in renovating garage spaces of all sizes. Let us boost the functionality of your garage by adding stylish and convenient features.

How long does it take to renovate a garage?

The duration of a garage remodel can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the project and the size of your garage in Edmond or OKC. If you, let’s say, want to revamp your single-car garage with a new coat of paint and some storage solutions, the process might take less than a week. A larger project, such as transforming a two-car garage into a hobby space may take a couple of weeks.

Does finishing a garage add value?

From a resale value perspective, a nicely renovated garage may not bring you the best bang for your buck when compared to some other renovations. Nevertheless, a well-organized and aesthetically pleasing garage can do wonders for impressing potential buyers, especially those who are looking for convenient extra storage space.

Who are the leading garage remodel contractors in OKC & Edmond?

Ten Key Home & Kitchen Remodels is a company of choice for garage remodel projects across Oklahoma City, Edmond, and their surroundings. Whether you’re searching for skilled pros to transform your garage near Frontier City or boost the appeal of your home near Arcadia Lake, our team of expert designers and craftsmen are fully equipped to make your design dreams come true. In addition to garage remodels, we also offer:

No matter what your design dreams may be, Ten Key Home & Kitchen Remodels is here to meet and exceed your expectations with each aspect of our remodeling services. Contact us now.