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Whether you’ve decided to call home remodeling contractors in Gaillardia to transform your living space, introduce added functionality to your home, or increase your standing in the competitive home market, the process will require careful planning, coordination, and patience. Understanding the typical timeline and what comes first in a remodeling project can help you budget effectively and make informed decisions on time. 

In today’s blog, we outline the critical steps of a home remodeling process and offer useful insights on how to navigate each phase effectively. Remember, while you may be impatient to get things done ASAP, in home remodeling projects it’s important to choose your home remodeling specialists wisely and not to rush things.

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What comes first in remodeling?

With such large and important projects, adequate and timely planning and preparation are key. Before contractors come and the physical work begins, several crucial steps must be taken to ensure the project’s success. First of all, you should take into account:

1. Your budget

The size of your war chest will go a long way in determining what you can do. Call seasoned professionals who have a reputation for quality and on-time project completion to enquire about the cost of materials and labor. It’s also smart to set aside 10% of your overall budget as a contingency fund for unexpected expenses that may arise during construction.

2. Conceptualization & design phase

Whether you’re looking to expand your dining space, add a bathroom, or completely renovate your lounging area, you should work with a professional who can help you translate your ideas into a feasible blueprint. Experienced professionals will provide advice on which materials to use, how best to maximize the space, and which local building codes you need to keep in mind. 

3. Hiring contractors

The leading building companies have the personnel to handle your project from start to finish. It’s smart to choose a company that has the expertise and equipment to take care of everything, from the planning and design phase to execution and project management. This will help you minimize costs, speed up the process, and make sure everything stays within your allocated budget. 

4. Securing permits

The paperwork you’ll need will depend on the scope of your project. Most home remodeling projects require permits from local government agencies and authorities. Since building regulations and zoning laws differ from one jurisdiction to the next, it may be smart to ask your remodeling company for assistance in securing the permits and paperwork.

5. Demolition & preparation

Once you’ve made the plans, found the specialists to take care of the job, and secured the permits, it’s time to get on with demolition. During this phase, contractors will demolish existing fixtures, walls, or structures and prepare the space for remodeling.

6. Structural build & systems installation

The most intensive phase of home remodeling is the construction and systems installation phase. This is the crucial phase of the entire process that requires precise coordination of different specialists, including carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and HVAC technicians to ensure that everything is done according to your plan and preferences. 

7. Finishing touches

Once the building and systems installation phase is completed all that’s left to do is apply the finishing touches to your remodeling project. Flooring installation, paint job, and fitting of cabinetry will transform the construction site into a space you’ve had in mind when the whole process started.

Where can find the best home remodeling contractors in Gaillardia, OK?

Home Remodeling Timeline

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