11406 Blue Heron Home Project


How our team excelled with this whole-home construction project

The sweeping savanna-like surroundings of this new-home construction almost begged for a Wild West reminiscent property to complement the gorgeous scenery. Our team opted for two different types of stone for the exterior, creating that rustic and vintage look that makes this home look as if it’s always been there. However, it’s not without a touch of modernity with wall-to-wall sliding doors and large windows that let in a ton of light and grant easy access to a spacious porch. The interior, on the other hand, tells a completely different story with a fresh take on a socialist-modernist furniture pieces accented by clean white-and-cream walls. The piece-de-resistance is certainly the huge kitchen with pantry, the dream of even the most demanding home chefs. Finally, the walk-in closet, the comfortable bedrooms and the tranquil bathroom all complete this home that offers that oasis-of-calmness feel you just can’t get enough of.