Steps to a More Practical Kitchen Design

4 Steps to a More Practical Kitchen Design

Designing your dream culinary station can be quite a challenge. However, if you find yourself grappling with spatial limitations, keep in mind that a truly exceptional kitchen combines both functionality and style, which requires a creative approach from a truly experienced kitchen remodeling contractor.

So, whether you’re planning an entirely new kitchen or giving your current one a makeover, consider consulting with a professional to explore your options. With their know-how, you can elevate the efficiency and appearance of your kitchen in Glen Eagles to new heights.

How can I make my kitchen more functional?

Diligent planning is essential for both visually delightful and functionally sound kitchen. Consider these four tips for a space tailored to your preferences:

How can I make my kitchen more functional

Layout your kitchen properly

The layout dictates the workflow. An optimal layout maximizes available space, minimizes unnecessary movement, and ensures easy access to appliances, tools, and ingredients.

Popular layouts include:

  • L-Shaped: Ideal for small to medium kitchens, providing efficient corner storage space.
  • U-Shaped: Suitable for larger kitchens, with ample counter and storage space.
  • Galley: Two-wall design best suited for long and narrow spaces.
  • Island: Adds extra prep and storage space, often doubling as a dining or socializing spot.

When choosing a layout, it’s vital to adhere to the ‘kitchen triangle’ principle, highlighting the position of the stove, fridge, and sink. These three points must form a triangle, with a distance between them that is neither too wide nor too narrow. This ensures smooth transitions during cooking.

Add landing area

Every well-thought-out kitchen has its most valuable piece: the landing area. It’s that handy bit of counter space right next to your main appliances. Ever pulled a piping hot pot off the stove or grabbed a dish out of the oven and thought, “Now, where do I put this?” That’s where the landing area saves the day. However, when planning your kitchen, it’s crucial to adhere to spatial guidelines and provide 15 inches of counter space on either side of the major appliances.

Plan for storage

Efficient storage solutions are the backbone of a functional cooking area. Here are a few quick fixes to add extra functionality to your space:

  • Zoning: Organize your items by zones. For instance, keep baking ingredients, tools, and pans close to each other. This approach minimizes the distance you have to travel for specific tasks.
  • Vertical space: Install open shelves or hanging racks to store pots, pans, or utensils, freeing up valuable counter and cabinet space.
  • Deep drawers: These can house larger pots and appliances, reducing clutter on your counters.
  • Custom solutions: Consider options like pull-out pantries, corner cabinets, or toe-kick drawers to make the most of otherwise wasted space. 

Prioritize space-saving appliances

When establishing your cooking area, a top priority is to choose appliances that are not only functional but also perfectly proportioned to complement the room’s overall design. Fortunately, there are a variety of styles, colors, and sizes, so you can choose the ones that suit you best.

Where can I find a reliable kitchen remodeling contractor in Glen Eagles

Where can I find a reliable kitchen remodeling contractor in Glen Eagles?

Whether you’re looking for stunning home storage solutions, searching for essential features for a modern kitchen space, or contemplating strategic updates to bolster your home’s resale value, our expert team is here to help. 

No matter your vision, successfully navigating the intricate process of obtaining permits and managing the complexities of construction can be quite challenging. Handing over such tasks to seasoned experts guarantees a seamless experience, whether you’re located near Lake Hefner or elsewhere in the area. Give us a call today!