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Modern kitchen remodel: the change you need in your life

Ten Key Home & Kitchen Remodels is where you will find experienced kitchen remodel contractors in Oklahoma City with the expertise to match your vision for your new kitchen. If your kitchen feels cramped, we can make it more functional. If it looks outdated, we can revamp and update it. Our service is prompt and efficient and our ultimate goal is to give you a new and improved kitchen space that has been missing from your life. We serve Oklahoma City and nearby areas, and we are excited to make your ideas come to life!

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Our process is streamlined and transparent, from consultation to design to execution. We can build you a kitchen that will be the heart of your home in Oklahoma City.


We will stage an on-site consultation to get a better idea of your wishes. We will then present you with 3D design options and cost estimates.



You will be presented with the final design and a detailed project schedule. We will do our best to ensure that everything goes according to plan.



To keep up with each step in the project and check on your contractors’ progress, use our convenient, easily accessible online client portal.

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A strong reputation built on years of experience in the industry

Fall back on the finest kitchen remodel contractors in OKC

Put your trust in full-service contractors who have vast experience in kitchen remodeling performed with exquisite attention to detail. You deserve a fully functional, fully optimized kitchen that matches not only the rest of your home but also your lifestyle, a kitchen with space, time and energy-saving features that is not only stunning but also practical and tailored to the day-to-day needs of your household. We bring you savvy design and smooth execution, and we can promise you outstanding performance because of our:
  • Highly selective recruitment process for employees and subcontractors
  • Extensive experience in construction and remodeling
  • General liability insurance and workers compensation coverage
  • Integrated process of project coordination and management

Unwavering professionalism from start to finish

Enjoy an exceptional customer experience

Free onsite consultation

Project & quality control checklists

Timely project delivery

Access to project schedule & updates

Stringent recruitment process

General liability insurance

One-year service warranty

Attractive financing options

Expanding our client base one successful project at a time

Find out why we are Oklahoma City’s go-to design-build company

I enjoyed working with Katie very much! Easy to work with and responds to requests quickly. Makes herself available.

Davicia Braggs

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Kitchen remodeling has never been this rewarding

Frequently asked questions

What is the average return on a kitchen remodel?

This depends on the kitchen remodel you are doing. The national average return on investment for a major upscale kitchen remodel is close to 54%, which is less than the ROI you get for a full-scale kitchen addition.

But let’s not forget the immense value of getting a tailored kitchen remodel for your Oklahoma City home and waking up to a beautiful kitchen that you love. If you want to treat yourself and your family to a more fulfilling culinary experience from the comfort of your Oklahoma City home, this is definitely the way to do it.

During our on-site consultation, we will listen carefully to help you make a sensible decision for your upcoming kitchen remodeling projects in Edmond, OKC and nearby areas.

Does flooring go in before cabinets?

Typically, hardwood flooring is installed before the kitchen cabinets. If you’re doing tiles instead and want them to cover the entire floor surface, then this would be done before the cabinets. However, you can also opt to have the tiles installed up to the cabinets, in which case you can have the cabinets installed first. If you’re doing a full kitchen remodel, the cabinets and the flooring would be replaced at the same time, and our preference is to do the flooring first when possible.

Do you install backsplash before cabinets?

As full-service contractors and a design-build company, we highly recommend installing the cabinets first and the backsplash second. Although the backsplash should and will be installed after the kitchen cabinets, to our clients it will typically feel like these two steps in your kitchen remodeling process are being completed simultaneously.

Is tile in the kitchen outdated?

If you are contemplating putting tile in your kitchen as part of your fantasy kitchen remodel in Glen Eagles, Northern OKC or other areas but have concerns as to whether this is an outdated trend, we can help you make the right call. Tile can be astonishingly practical and low-maintenance, and it can look great, too.

Besides, there is a broad range of colors, textures and finishes to choose from, so you will have no problem finding an option that is tasteful, holds universal appeal and matches the overall vibe of your OKC home.

How soon can you complete my kitchen remodel in OKC?

Whether you have a spacious family home near OKC’s Remington Park or a stylish apartment near Chesapeake Energy Arena, a fail-safe value to boost its resale value and upgrade your quality of life is to get a sophisticated kitchen remodeling project under way.

Are you in the mood for a basic, budget-friendly kitchen remodel that involves a simple change of granite and a backsplash upgrade? Are you prepared for a full revamp of the kitchen in your Oklahoma City home?
If you opt for a full kitchen remodel, we will coordinate and manage all types of work required for the project. This includes modifying layout to gain space, framing, drywall, texturing, flooring, custom-made cabinets, luxury granite or quartz countertops, brand new, full-size, energy-efficient appliances, faucets and sinks, a new backsplash and tile, new lighting and associated electrical work, new paint on the walls and ceiling, and more!

We can help you make the most of your long-awaited kitchen remodel, and we can make it happen fast, even if you opt for a simultaneous kitchen and bath remodel in OKC! It goes without saying that we will do our best to ensure everything is done on time and according to plan, as well as to keep you up-to-date and in the loop every step of the way. If you’re intrigued, contact us now to schedule your consultation!