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Remodeling Your Home for Multigenerational Living

Building a home that fits the lives of several generations is all about finding the right balance between beauty, functionality, and accessibility. By taking into account the preferences and requirements of all family members, you can shape a living space that promotes the well-being of the entire family. However, the question remains: do you start fresh with a new home, or can you remodel your current place to make it work for everyone? 

Partnering with adept home addition contractors in Glen Eagles or the area might just be the answer you’re seeking. These professionals are well-versed in the latest housing trends and possess the know-how to create a multigenerational home.

Are multigenerational homes a good idea?

Absolutely. Nowadays, one in five Americans find themselves living with their parents, grandparents, or adult children, all sharing the same roof – and for good reason. While practical considerations like financial constraints or the need for family caregiving play a significant role, there’s also a bigger picture to consider. This shift presents a unique opportunity to revisit and rethink housing policies, design strategies, and even our attitudes towards embracing this trend.

How to design a multi-generational home

How to design a multi-generational home?

If you’re thinking about how to update your home so it fits the needs of different generations, here are some things to consider:

Expand your living and sleeping spaces

Finding ways to create private spaces within a busy home is key. This could mean building a small separate living area, like an ADU, and giving everyone a bit more room, or renovating seldom-used areas like attics or basements to make them more useful.

At the end of the day, there are plenty of options to ensure each person has a spot to call their own.

Ensuring privacy through separate bathrooms 

These days, privacy is more of a privilege than a right. Yet, when it comes to multi-gen living, it’s a must-have.

  • Gain more independence: It’s important to respect everyone’s need for privacy and their own space, no matter their age. Having separate bathrooms can really help keep personal areas just that—personal—while also making those busy morning routines a bit smoother.
  • Go for style & functionality: Think about putting in walk-in showers for easy access and safety of older family members, bathtubs for the kids to enjoy, and sleek designs that the younger adults will love.

Designing an all-inclusive kitchen

Imagine a kitchen where the counter height can be changed with ease, always just right whether it’s kids joining in on baking fun or grandparents whipping up family favorites. Add in drawers that glide out smoothly, so everyone can easily find what they need, and invest in non-slip flooring to keep all generations safe on their feet. 

Incorporating universal design features 

A home should be welcoming and accessible for everyone, no matter their age or mobility level. It would be so much easier to live with doorways that are wide enough to move comfortably through, entrances without any steps to trip over, perfect-height sinks, and easy-to-use faucet handles. Not to mention the welcoming vibe your home would have with lighting that you can tweak to suit any mood or occasion and ramps that make going in and out hassle-free. 

Are multigenerational homes a good idea

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