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Is Building an ADU a Smart Investment?

The popularity of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) is soaring, thanks to their ability to provide flexible living spaces and create extra income. However, before deciding to build one, it’s important to weigh the financial aspects and long-term value to ensure it’s the right fit for your needs and preferences.

While the cost per square foot for an ADU might seem high, it offers many benefits at a much lower price than buying a new property. That’s why in this blog, experienced home remodeling contractors from Edmond share their insights on the financial and additional perks of having an ADU

Is it worth it to build an ADU?

Is Building an ADU a Smart InvestmentStart by looking into the upfront costs and potential returns on investment. Although construction and maintenance can be pricey, the benefits of ADUs often make them a wise choice. As with any big decision, doing thorough research, talking to experts, and evaluating your own situation will help you make a choice that fits both your goals and financial capacity.


  • Construction costs: The total expense can differ greatly depending on factors such as the ADU type, its size, location, and local regulations. While some of them require a substantial initial investment, others may be more budget-friendly, particularly when repurposing existing structures like garages or basements.
  • Financing: If your financial situation requires it, be sure to explore different financing methods, like getting a loan, opening a line of credit, or using your savings. However, always take a close look at the interest rates, repayment plans, and how they will impact your overall financial health.
  • Overall maintenance costs: ADUs typically come with their own utility bills for electricity, water, and gas. Remember to factor in the continuous maintenance costs such as repairs, updates, and regular care. Even though they’re smaller than the main house, these expenses can add up over time.
  • Property taxes: Building an ADU is likely to influence your property taxes, so it’s crucial to understand these changes fully. Consult with local tax officials to get a detailed explanation of how this new addition might affect your property tax bill. This step will help you anticipate any adjustments in your taxes and prepare accordingly.

Long-term value

  • Extra money: A major advantage of ADUs is the opportunity to create rental income, which can help homeowners cover the costs of construction and upkeep. This additional revenue can enhance your financial security and gradually offset the initial investment.
  • Improved property value: A thoughtfully designed and functional ADU can significantly enhance your property’s overall value. It boosts market appeal, especially for potential buyers, who often value the extra living space and rental possibilities it offers.
  • Flexibility: ADUs offer a wide range of flexible housing options. For instance, adding a second story to your house could provide space for extended family, create an independent living area for aging parents, or even serve as a home office or studio. 

Is it worth it to build an ADUWho are the best home remodeling contractors in Edmond & vicinity?

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