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How to Boost Your Home’s Potential With an ADU

Whether you call them backyard cottages, granny flats, multigenerational homes, or accessory dwelling units, ADUs are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners. If you’re considering adding one to your property, keep reading to find out why ADUs are a wise long-term investment. Before you move forward with your project, however, be sure to speak with experienced home addition contractors in Edmond and the area, who can tailor it to your specific needs.

What is an ADU and why choose it?

What is an ADU and why choose itADU is a self-contained living space that comes fully equipped with its own utilities, kitchen, bathroom, and living area, along with a separate entrance for privacy. It can serve a variety of purposes and provides a great deal of flexibility:

  • Rental purposes: Many homeowners choose ADUs to rent them out, offering a reliable stream of income. This can be especially profitable in regions with high rental demand.
  • Guesthouse: It provides a comfortable and private area for guests, offering them a familiar, homey setting.
  • Home office: With the rise of remote work, an ADU can be easily transformed into a dedicated office space. This distinct separation from the main living area helps keep work life and home life balanced.
  • Additional housing options: They’re ideal for multigenerational households, offering separate living quarters for elderly parents or adult children. This setup allows families to live together yet still enjoy their own private spaces.
  • Poolhouse: Transforming an ADU into a poolhouse provides a convenient area for changing, relaxation, and social gatherings right next to the pool.
  • Studio: Whether you’re into yoga, fitness, painting, photography, or something entirely different, it can be transformed into your dream studio.
  • Hobby space: ADU is an ideal solution for hobbies that require extra space, allowing you to keep your main living area free from clutter.

Does an ADU increase property value? 

ADUs are available in three main types, each with its own market value. Adding one can greatly increase your property’s value, particularly in areas where rental properties are highly sought after.

  • Detached ADU – The most desirable type of ADU is one that is detached from the main house. These units provide privacy and a sense of independence from the primary residence.
  • Attached ADU – This type of ADU is attached to the main residence, ranking it as the second most valuable option. However, it needs to integrate smoothly with the existing structure of the home.
  • Conversion – These are the most cost-effective ADUs, with garage and basement conversions coming in third for overall value. They demand thoughtful planning to fully utilize the available space and functionality.

Your budget and the size of your property will guide you in choosing the right type of ADU. It’s reassuring to know there are always viable options available. However, it’s crucial to consult local experts about zoning regulations well in advance. Some areas might restrict or prohibit the construction of separate or standalone living structures on the same lot as a primary residence. For example, neighborhoods zoned solely for single-family homes or those with restrictions on the number of detached buildings per property may not permit ADU construction.

Does an ADU increase property value


Where can I find experienced home addition contractors in Edmond and the area?

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