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Ten Key Remodels stays at the vanguard of the industry by delivering stunning design and lasting quality to clients across the area. Our team of qualified designers will create a modern, tailored design based on your vision for the space. The design will then come to life thanks to the skill and dedication of our experienced home builders in Creek Bend and the region. Get expertise-based craftsmanship, sophisticated style, and an all-around excellent customer experience by working with some of the highest-ranking room addition contractors near you.

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Getting to know your individual needs and preferences is the first step to delivering outstanding results. Schedule a consultation with our trained specialists and get the ball rolling.

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Our design team will create the drafts for the project and rework them where necessary to adjust them to your wishes. It’s our aim to personalize every facet of your new home addition and make it totally you.

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Next, we’ll design a project schedule that works for you and get down to work. Our construction team will work diligently and meticulously, You’ll be regularly updated via our handy, easy-to-use client portal.
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A home addition or another type of project can greatly improve both the appearance and the practicality of your home in Creek Bend or the nearby areas, and our home builders know exactly how to maximize your gain. The success of our home addition services rests on our many qualities, like:

  • Selective vetting process of potential staff members
  • Competent and seasoned remodeling contractors
  • Careful and timely project planning and execution
  • Quality monitoring and one-year warranty for your peace of mind

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“We hired Ten Key to remodel our master bathroom. I indicated at the start that we expected the outcome to be a Wow! The whole process was a Wow. Jessica’s design work was amazing! Marissa and Justin made sure the work was done to perfection. There weren’t any surprises. We were so pleased with the result we’ve asked Ten Key to remodel our kitchen and second bath while also creating a butler’s pantry. Thanks to other great reviews we chose this team and have no regrets. Totally satisfied!”

- Rich E.

“From the very beginning we knew we had found our “person” to implement our dream bathroom. Jessica & Kimberly guided us through the design process beautifully! Marissa was our contact person & kept us well informed & truly cared that we were happy through the entire process. We felt like we were truly heard through the entire process & couldn’t be happier with the end result. We felt like we developed a life-long friendship in the process.”

- Paula L.

“I was pleasantly surprised upon meeting the consultation team. They were prompt, professional and made me feel at ease.
Although we decided to go a different route (we are working on a flip versus a remodel), they offered us some very solid and honest advice that we appreciate very much. Thanks again!”

- Serena B.

“I have worked with Ten Key for several years now on multiple projects including a kitchen, bath and exterior renovation. I have thoroughly enjoyed them. We have completed several projects in the Edmond area. I would highly recommend them for their transparency, technical expertise and quality.”

- Sabra T.

“The entire team at Ten Key was incredibly responsive and diligent in their work. Through each step, someone from the management team was communicating with us about what was happening with our project and what the timeline would be moving forward. We knew we were in good hands throughout the whole process!”

- Chris E.

“Ten Key Remodels did excellent work on our house. We hired them to replace nearly 2000 square feet of flooring, remove a pony wall and repair multiple sections of drywall. When a hiccup occurred in the project, they handled it swiftly, professionally and completely. They were communicative and responsive. We really look forward to working with them again on future projects.”

- Samantha W.

“I hired Ten Key Remodels for two projects during the holiday season and during COVID. They worked around my holiday schedule and wore masks in my home. My little bathroom was transformed. They did an excellent job!”

- Susan R.

“This was a complete kitchen remodel. We knew what we did not want - the old kitchen! - but we had no idea how even to begin to know what we did want. Ten Key was awesome. They made us feel completely comfortable as they led us through every step of this project. They had many great ideas to choose from for the cabinet design and helped us in deciding about flooring, granite, backsplash, colors, and so on anytime we asked for it.”

- Susan L.

“We had a great experience using Ten Key for our addition. We expanded our dining room out into the backyard, adding about 100 sq ft. It needed new concrete slab, walls and roofline removed, new walls, roof, floor, and paint.”

- Josh D.

“This company is the one to choose. Personal, honest, good communicators. They are full-service - plumbers, electricians, carpentry, tile, they do it all, which eliminates the need to find other contractors in case a problem is discovered during a remodel. The owner keeps a close eye on everything being done. She runs it like a top-shelf business. Very professional foundation, tile, and finishing work.”

- Susan R.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What adds most value to a house?

    With a quality home addition done by Ten Key Remodels, you have great odds of getting a sizable return of investment. Here are some of the home additions that matter the most to prospective buyers and are the most likely to enhance the resale value of your property in the Creek Bend region:

    • Living and dining room: Some clients feel cramped in their living room or want a larger, more formal dining room.  Adding space in these areas can greatly add to special family time or better relaxation on a new large sofa, and the bonus usable square footage will give your home value a nice boost.   
    • Kitchen expansion: A spacious modern kitchen with an island and plenty of counter space is the thing every property buyer’s dreams are made of. Nifty storage solutions, top-quality fixtures, and gorgeous finishes all add up to the price of this addition but they can also pique your potential buyers’ interest.
    • Bathroom addition: Can you ever have one bathroom too many? Additional bathrooms bring greater comfort and more functionality. Although the fact that they mostly require new plumbing means you’ll probably spend a few extra dollars, this project can really pay off in the long run.
    • Additional bedroom: Bigger homes with more bedrooms typically sell for more, so convert your unused loft or unfinished basement into a fantastic bedroom space complete with personalized storage.
  • How can I build an affordable room addition?

    If you’d like to renovate your home and add value without paying top dollar, it’s perfectly doable. The most affordable route to take is to give an existing space some finishing touches and change it up to look more modern. A basement, attic, or garage are ideal candidates for such a project. They’re usually converted into bedrooms, home offices, playrooms, or gyms. These room additions are on the cheaper side because of the fact that they usually don’t require new construction or new plumbing and electrical installations.

    Ten Key Remodels can help you with every aspect of your home addition in Creek Bend or the vicinity, making sure that it stays within your budget and gives you lasting quality and timeless style.

  • Is it cheaper to add on or build up?

    Generally, building up is the more affordable option because it involves less material and less work. It’s the easiest way to increase or even double your square footage. Another advantage of building up is the fact that none of your backyard space will be taken.

    On the other hand, building out has its perks, too. For example, the maintenance of the home will be simpler because you’ll be able to reach the roof, gutters, and other structural elements more easily. Also, your existing space won’t have to accommodate a staircase.

    Regardless of which type of home addition they choose, we help the residents of Creek Bend and the surrounding areas get a gorgeous and highly functional new space.

  • How long does a house addition take?

    This depends on the kind of home addition you are doing. For example, these factors can influence it:

    • How spacious is the addition?
    • What type of addition is it?
    • Does it require new plumbing?
    • How complicated is the project?

    Talk to some of Creek Bend’s most experienced room addition contractors by contacting out company. After we’ve learned more about your needs and preferences, we’ll be able to assess the scope of the work and design an exact project timeline.

  • Who are the best room addition contractors in Creek Bend and the vicinity?

    It’s important for your personal space to look and feel great and be customized to your needs, so don’t settle for a run-of-the-mill contractor. Ten Key Remodels will get the job done right thanks to our extensive experience, refined tools, and unparalleled knowledge of home additions.

    We’re your go-to room additions contractors in OKC, including Creek Bend and other nearby communities. For example, our design and build specialists handle full-service home additions in Fairfax Estates and carry out quality home extensions in Belmont Park, too. Relax in Mitch Park or have fun at KickingBird Golf Club while your home is getting a full-on makeover. We’re just a phone call away!