Are Attic Conversions Worth It?

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It’s not uncommon for many Nichols Hills homeowners to gaze upwards and wonder about that neglected space just above their heads—the attic. While it may currently serve as storage for old Christmas decorations and forgotten memorabilia, the potential of the attic goes beyond that. The burning question is, is taking on an attic conversion truly worth the effort and expense? 


Tackling such a significant change to your property might seem daunting. However, when you team up with skilled remodeling contractors, they ensure your vision is carried out seamlessly. So, why should you consider this change? Let’s discuss all the reasons!

What are the benefits of an attic conversion? 

Take a look at these top ten benefits in case you’re wondering whether this renovation is right for you:

1. A cost-effective expansion

Expanding horizontally often means wrestling with property lines, building permits, and costly foundation work. On the other hand, converting your attic works within your home’s current structure, thereby eliminating the need for extensive external constructions. It’s a cost-effective way to gain more space without expanding your home’s footprint.

2. Additional living space

As families expand and kids grow into their teenage years, homes can start to feel a bit tight. It’s not just about having more people; it’s the evolving needs that come with each life stage. Many homeowners contemplate a move to a bigger property to address this squeeze. But what if you just yearned for an additional space, like an art studio or a snug reading corner? The solution might be right above you. Converting your attic can not only fulfill that wish but also add valuable and functional space to your dwelling.

3. Boosting property value

Here’s some food for thought: more livable space generally translates to a higher home valuation. By turning your attic into a functional room – whether it’s a bedroom, office, or a cozy lounge – you’ll significantly increase the value of your home. Plus, prospective buyers often appreciate these innovative features.

4. More energy-efficient home

The conversion process includes insulating the attic, providing another benefit: increased energy efficiency. A properly insulated attic acts as a barrier, keeping your home cooler in the summer and preventing heat from escaping in the winter. The bonus? A comfortable living space and savings on your energy bills.

5. A multiple-use room

The beauty of an attic conversion lies in its versatility. Today, it might be a guest bedroom, and tomorrow it might be a yoga studio. Next month? A home cinema. Its adaptable nature means the attic’s purpose can change as your life changes.

6. Views to die for

Positioned at the top of your house, a loft provides vantage points you hadn’t considered before. With the right windows, you might be able to see the city skyline, a peaceful treetop panorama, or perhaps a distant landmark that you admire. 

7. A personalized touch

Turning an attic into a functional space is like opening up a new chapter in a book. Its unique angles and tucked-away spots give it a charm that’s different from your typical room. It’s a chance to put your stamp on it, whether it’s with the perfect piece of furniture or a splash of color on the walls. It’s not just about gaining space, but making it truly yours.

8. Enhanced privacy


Tucked away from the main living areas, the attic provides a sanctuary of seclusion. Whether you’re using it as a home office or a teenager’s bedroom, the distance from daily household hustle and bustle guarantees fewer disturbances and more focus.

Where in Nichols Hills can I find reliable remodeling contractors?

Wondering how to set up a home office library? Or perhaps you need expert advice on smart home conversion and embracing a home’s sustainability? No worries, you’re not alone. Ten Key Home & Kitchen Remodels offers a range of specialized remodeling services in Nichols Hills and surrounding areas of Oklahoma County. With our dedicated team by your side, there’s no challenge too big! So, why wait? Reach out to us and let’s bring your vision to life!