The Basics of Whole-House Remodeling

The Basics of Whole-House Remodeling

With careful planning and the right team of contractors to guide you, whole-house remodeling is one of the best moves you can make as a homeowner. Although it’s a complex, extensive project, the benefits of a meticulously rendered whole-house upgrade are definitely worth it. From added property value to improved convenience and nicer appearance, your family will reap its rewards for years to come.

As you’re getting ready to contact dependable whole-house remodel contractors in OKC, you can research the ins and outs of these large-scale projects and make sure you cover all the basics. Read on to find out the essential steps to take.

What should I know before a whole-house remodel?

Since planning is such an important part of whole-house upgrades, make sure you’re thorough about it. Cover the essentials first and go from the ground up. Here are some of the vital facets to consider.

  1. Examine your family’s needs
What should I know before a whole-house remodel

This extensive overhaul gives you the perfect opportunity to maximize the functionality of your house. You can adjust all of those aspects of your property that you’ve found impractical up until now. Make a list of all the things you’ve noticed don’t work for you, such as a lack of storage space in the bathroom, awkward kitchen layout, or an underused nook in your master bedroom. These can be the starting points for the new design.

  1. Plan out your budget

Determine how cost-effective your plan is. You may be able to save up on certain aspects of the project while prioritizing quality in others. Think in terms of how long you’re planning to live in your current home and how much resale value each aspect of the project might add. If you’re thinking of selling the property in the next couple of years, you’re renovating for potential buyers and need to take this into account. 

  1. Consider the necessary paperwork

You’ll likely need to obtain building permits to make sure your new construction meets legal requirements. While some only take a couple of days to get approved, others may require weeks or months. Explore what the requirements are in your case, apply for your permit as soon as possible, and gather the paperwork on time. A reliable design-build contractor can help you out with this part of the process.

  1. Pay attention to safety

Safety should never be taken for granted, especially when you’re conducting such a complex project. Consult with your contractors to make sure that all the necessary precautions are taken. For example, it’s important to make a safety zone that’s separate from the construction site and be aware of the potential dangers of exposing certain materials, like lead, during the remodel.

  1. Find a top-rated contractor 

The support of a leading remodeling company is one of the biggest assets you can have during your renovation. The experts will suggest solutions that match your needs as well as help you with the selection of materials and fixtures. They’ll manage the whole project, eliminating delays and impediments and making sure everything runs on schedule.

Who are the best whole-house remodeling contractors in OKC?

Who are the best whole-house remodeling contractors in OKC

Ten Key Remodels specializes in a wide range of home remodeling projects in Nichols Hills and the vicinity, including whole-house, kitchen, and bathroom remodels. We’ll take you through the stages of your remodel, making sure you’re in the loop about every detail every step of the way. 

Also, we’ll take steps to make the process convenient and enjoyable for you and produce excellent, lasting results. Most importantly, our expertise, refined materials, and cutting-edge technology will ensure you receive the many benefits of whole-home remodeling. Give us a call!

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